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October 4, 2009

Sunday Lynx

lynxTime for some new lynx links.   Suggestions always welcomed.

  • The blog Internet Monk has been smokin’ hot lately with a number of topics to get your brain working along with one of the best comments sections anywhere in the Christian blogosphere.   Recently, iMonk told the story of a mother who wanted her autistic son baptised in a denomination that only baptizes on the basis of public confession of faith; something the young man wasn’t capable of doing.   Hmmm.   That’s a tough decision, as you’ll see when you click here.
  • Although I wouldn’t know this from personal experience, there are lots of stories out there about guys who wake in the morning next to a woman who simply doesn’t look as good as she did the night before.   Bad metaphor perhaps, but the wind seems to be blowing a different way when it comes to one of my personal favorite author-speakers, Rob Bell.   (Oops; double metaphor.)  What’s disturbing are the comments he gives to secular reporters as part of the Drops Like Stars tour, such as this interview with the Boston Globe.      The gap between Rob’s creative ways of phrasing things and orthodoxy does seem to be growing.  Read the whole interview and then the discussion at Pyromaniacs blog. [UPDATE/EDIT: But to be open and fair, also read the first comment here, too.]
  • Hey, did you hear the thing about what’s-his-name?    It’s hard to just walk away when someone’s got the latest gossip about a person or organization.   Even the best intentioned will slow down and catch a phrase or two the way motorists slow down to look at an accident.  Kevin Miller at the blog Off The Agenda suggests nine questions to help you decide the answer to the question, Is This Gossip?
  • The fastest growing church in the U.S. right now is the one whose worship leader won American Idol.    But I guess that was a no-brainer.   Outreach magazine once again has issued their Top 100 church list, and leaks some of the details in this subscription teaser.     But you’ll learn more about some of the higher ranked congregations from this post at the blog, Church Relevance.
  • I like a writer who can find a devotional idea from the Consumer Electronics Show.   The blog, Christian Ranter does just that in this post called Beyond the TV.
  • For my Canadian readers, the 17-city national tour of British Christian author Adrian Plass is rapidly approaching.   You can catch tour dates and details at the Story and Song website.

August 4, 2009

Neurodiversity: Austism Examined from the Inside

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Autism Awareness
On Monday night, the CBC-Television network in Canada rebroadcast a 19-minute documentary on Autism which apparently was a rerun from an earlier screening.  “Positively Autistic” focused on the built-in bias that we have toward people who are ‘exceptional’ and how we try to modify behavior because we assume that certain behaviors are ‘correct.’   One of the highlights for me was the interviews with Amanda Baggs who speaks –eloquently I must add — through a keyboard.   But in fairness, each of the people interviewed made meaningful contributions to the discussion; and as each one is diagnosed autistic, their comments — from the ‘inside’ so to speak — were far more helpful than listening to ‘experts’ in lab coats pontificating on the subject from the ‘outside.’  One that really stuck with me was — I’m sorry I forget which person said this — that we ‘tolerate’ all kinds of diversity these days but not ‘neurodiversity.’  (There’s a word I’ll bet you never heard before.)  If you or someone you know has a connection to Autism, I encourage you to take the 19 minutes to watch the video at the CBC documentary page here.    You’ll also see references to the videos that Amanda makes for YouTube.   You can follow her user channel starting with this video, “If You Can Do X, Why Can’t You Do Y; My All Purpose Answer” which you can link to here.

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