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August 4, 2009

Neurodiversity: Austism Examined from the Inside

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Autism Awareness
On Monday night, the CBC-Television network in Canada rebroadcast a 19-minute documentary on Autism which apparently was a rerun from an earlier screening.  “Positively Autistic” focused on the built-in bias that we have toward people who are ‘exceptional’ and how we try to modify behavior because we assume that certain behaviors are ‘correct.’   One of the highlights for me was the interviews with Amanda Baggs who speaks –eloquently I must add — through a keyboard.   But in fairness, each of the people interviewed made meaningful contributions to the discussion; and as each one is diagnosed autistic, their comments — from the ‘inside’ so to speak — were far more helpful than listening to ‘experts’ in lab coats pontificating on the subject from the ‘outside.’  One that really stuck with me was — I’m sorry I forget which person said this — that we ‘tolerate’ all kinds of diversity these days but not ‘neurodiversity.’  (There’s a word I’ll bet you never heard before.)  If you or someone you know has a connection to Autism, I encourage you to take the 19 minutes to watch the video at the CBC documentary page here.    You’ll also see references to the videos that Amanda makes for YouTube.   You can follow her user channel starting with this video, “If You Can Do X, Why Can’t You Do Y; My All Purpose Answer” which you can link to here.

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