Thinking Out Loud

December 12, 2008

Signs of Faith: The Bible Road

Sam FentressChristianity Today has posted something unique today: a photo essay slide show by Sam Fentress called Bible Road; in which he provides descriptive commentary for a number of pictures he has taken of various types of signs which are intended as a Christian witness.

His work has also been the subject of a hardcover book by the same name published in February 2007…

Says Fentress: “…the British marketing department didn’t get it. ‘They were going to put it in the humor section of the bookstore. I don’t mind if people laugh, but it’s not a book that goes in the humor department, I hope.'”

bible-roadTo read the setup of this from CT (highly recommended) click here.  There’s an interesting end to what started out as purely photographic journey that you don’t want to miss.

To go straight to the three-minute slide show with audio, click here.

Photos – Upper: One of the pictures in the slide show; Lower: Front cover of Bible Road (2007, David & Charles Publishers, $29.99 U.S.)

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