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May 17, 2016

Without Words

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…At least not words that I had to type…

We’re stealing from tomorrow’s graphics since, as of 11:15 last night, I didn’t have anything else prepared. Images from two Facebook pages, Church Meme Committee, and Word of Faith Shenanigans. I think you’ll know which is which.

VBS - Half Time Show

Sermon - Offended

Guitars in Church

Jesus Was Wealthy

Jesus is Here

If it be Thy will

Jesus existed only as an image


September 5, 2015

From the Image File

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This one is obviously quite recent:Benjamin Corey Guns and Religion

History: An early shot of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa:
Calvary Chapel

This was referenced in the link list a few days ago; such things are called Chiasms:
Exodus as a reversal of Genesis

This one was similar to one I saw on Facebook last night, a sentiment I would support:
Respect the Artist Buy The Music

From, something for the person who wants to declare their Calvinism instead of their love of Jesus:
Reformed T-Shirt at Zazzle

After a fall down the stairs on Saturday morning, my wife is sidelined with a foot injury for up to six weeks. (Which, since I don’t draw a salary from our commercial ministry, means no family income!) So she’s spending more time taking pictures like this one:
A Study in Chipmunk

Finally, from 3 years ago and still one of my favorites:

Yoda John 3 16

December 16, 2014

Enlighten, Strengthen, Mend, Bind, Heal, Revive

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Enlighten Strengthen Mend Bind Heal

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