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April 18, 2020

On Going Pro

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From the blog’s earlier days:

Over the past few weeks we’ve attended an unusually high number of events at different churches which were themselves inter-church or trans-denominational in nature…

Mrs. W: There’s that guy again.

Me: You mean that guy at the front?

Mrs. W: Yeah, he’s been at everything we’ve been at lately.

Me: Maybe he’s saying the same thing about us.

Mrs. W: I wonder who he is?

Me: Maybe he’s a professional Christian.

Mrs. W: What?

Me: Maybe he’s here like we are, only professionally.

Mrs. W: Then he’s possibly doing a terrible job of it.

Me: Why’s that?

Mrs. W: Well, he’s probably not getting paid to be here right now.

Me: …I keep thinking there’s a blog post in this.

Image 42714

I have to be honest, I find the idea of a “professional Christian” intriguing. But honesty compels me to admit that they already exist. We have “celebrity Christians,” who like their secular counterparts are famous for being famous. So why not have–

[We interrupt this blog post for a special announcement: Paul has absolutely no idea where he’s going with this. He has fallen into some kind of stream-of-consciousness writing thing not realizing he has become unconscious mid-process.]

–which, if you try it, could be both spiritually and financially beneficial; and is possibly the best idea I’ve ever posted here.

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