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July 10, 2019

Wednesday Connect

Meeting quarterly in Atlanta: A gathering of cigar enthusiasts discussing life, faith and theology. Holy Smokes! [Click image for story.]

■ I think one of the biggest stories of the year is going to prove to be this week’s story on Amazon selling counterfeit copies of a Christian title. In terms of Christian publishing, it’s on the same scale as the plagiarism scandals of a few years back. This title won’t be the last one we hear about. If you missed the story, refer to yesterday’s blog post here at Thinking.

■ As if what we reported yesterday involving Amazon isn’t bad enough, we now have word the company has pulled titles by bestselling Christian author Joe Dallas. Christian Post reports, “Dallas’ book — Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men Who Struggle with Sexual Identity — and Paulk’s [Anne Paulk of the Restored Hope Network] book — Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction — both of which until the past few days were sold on the platform, are now no longer available for purchase.” The reason? “Amazon has removed the works of other authors who once lived and identified as gay.”

■ Also, further to yesterday’s item, How to tell if your copy of Liturgy of the Ordinary is a counterfeit. (And by extension, by studying this, how it might apply to other books in the future.)

■ If your local public library once included titles by Christian authors you recognized, it’s possible that today, books conforming to the larger LGBTQ agenda have pushed those off the shelves. Activists are energetically servicing librarians with information encouraging them to have the latest titles. Furthermore, it’s happening with great intensity in the Children’s department

■ Essay of the Week: InterVarsity Blog’s A Tale of Two Captains, a lesson on what it means to be a hero.

■ Philip Yancey quoting Thomas Merton, “Very soon we get to the point where we simply say, ‘I believe’ or ‘I refuse to believe.’” Yancey notes that Jesus fully anticipated that some would not believe.

■ New on the Zondervan YouTube Channel: Wayne Grudem on Where Did the Bible Come From? It’s one of a large number of new videos dealing with the basics of faith

■ For visitors, first impressions matter. For everyone else, the first 20 seconds of a worship service really sets the tone for everything which follows. Three pitfalls those leading worship or chairing the service should avoid.

♫ Not so New Music: It’s 1500 years of Christian music crammed into 7.5 minutes. And nobody played guitar. Or anything for that matter.

■ Thom Rainer thinks that smaller churches are making a comeback. He gives five reasons why things are better aligned for the non-megachurches.

■ Parenting Place: “Television dramas and films are increasingly portraying teen suicide in an empathetic light, revealing shifting cultural attitudes about death and taking a deadly gamble by letting viewers, some of them adolescents, decide whether taking one’s life is sometimes justifiable. These programs represent a risk to your children.

Relevant Magazine is celebrating 100 issues!

■ Now available: Enjoy a FREE sample chapter excerpt from Brant Hansen’s book Blessed are the Misfits. This one is chapter 19, Blessed are the Skeptical.

♫ New Music: Here’s another one from the band Trinity, Living to Love. (It gets really messy. Don’t let your kids watch!)

♫ New Music: The group For All Seasons, Life in Your Love. (Similar title to the above, right?) 

♫ New Music, Older Song: The Local Sound is back with I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.

■ Finally, ending as we always do with some lighter fare, I thought this week’s Happy Monday was especially good.

■ Tweet of the Week (Click to play):

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  1. A little bird told me you really enjoyed Happy Monday this week. The “music theme” was only a coincidence but it was certainly noticeable. Stay Inside Festival is one of my favorites, based on a true story!

    Comment by Van Til — July 10, 2019 @ 6:50 pm

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