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June 15, 2019

Bad Christian Movies

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With all the successes Christian filmmakers have had at the mainstream box office in the past few years, it’s easy to overlook that there are still Christian movies of dubious quality being cranked out on a monthly basis.

The plot of one had me curious so we decided to give it a look. I’ll spare the company the name mention but during the course of 125 minutes, we watched,

  • Horrible lighting and/or film processing right from the very first scene
  • Mismatched shots; items in the background in one scene and not there the next and then seconds later, back again (continuity)
  • Dialog overdubs with mismatched background noise; not sure which were the originals and which were done later
  • Introduction of a key character at the beginning who never returned
  • Over-the-top acting (though some was well-done)
  • Implausible abrupt changes in characters
  • Doctrinal propaganda
  • Screenplay trying to take on too many faith issues at once
  • Incomplete portrayal of the rites involved in another faith

These are just the few I remember days later.

The subject matter did stay with us, and we had several discussions about it afterwards, but I’m thinking that the production and script liabilities outweighed the benefits.

The movie released in 2014, so the aforementioned box office successes were only just beginning to happen. Hopefully an awareness of what can be done will raise (or has already raised) the bar for the rest of the Christian direct-to-video film industry.

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  1. It’s very crucial when making a movie about religion. I’ve watched many Christian movies and they were great.

    Comment by Ebenezer — July 5, 2019 @ 5:35 am

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