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October 10, 2018

Wednesday Connect

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The list which almost didn’t happen. (See previous activity here for context.) Welcome to Wednesday Connect #30. (There would have been a few more things but my computer, purchased brand new a year ago, is on its last legs.)

♦ No more Mormon Tabernacle Choir? No more Mormon, period? Just eight years after promoting its “Meet the Mormons” campaign, the church is ditching the use of the word, and moving to two hour services (which brought a cheer at their annual meeting.) The choir will now be known as “The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square” RNS reports, “Church President Russell Nelson reiterated that his instruction is not a name change. ‘It is a correction,’ he said. ‘It is the command of the Lord.’ (Don’t think I’ve ever heard another church command that authority behind a rebrand.)

♦ The Larycia Hawkins story — the former Wheaton College professor dismissed for wearing a hijab — is now the subject of a movie.

♦ Leadership Lessons: Seven indicators that your church has what the author terms a “front door problem;” meaning that first time visitors simply never show

♦ The government of Sudan has released a shipment of Bibles that have been impounded for six years. (The article links to another story where property was returned to 19 churches a month earlier.)

♦ Podcast (1) Over the summer, Greg Paul, author of Resurrecting Religion: Finding Our Way Back to the Good News (NavPress) talked about social justice and faith on a podcast not known for interviewing Christian guests.

♦ Podcast (2) For those who love apologetics, this podcast looks at the difference between moral and civil law and asks if our civil law should support moral law. (Starts at 19:47)

♦ Provocative Headline of the Week: “Is Tim Keller a Marxist?

♦ A different reason to homeschool: This author contends it’s not about the kids, but rather, about you. “One of the primary means by which God works out the selfishness and carnality in our lives is by allowing crisis into our lives to show us what we are truly like. To accomplish this more effectively, God hand-crafted customized little button-pushers, who are strategically designed to bring out the worst in us.”

♦ Timely, but not recent: From 2016, a guide to why Andy Stanley is often misunderstood.

♦ Music: Francesca Battistelli is back:


♦ For women who are readers: A mixed bag of book reviews both fiction and non-fiction from a variety of publishers.

♦ Job Opening: LifeWay is in need of a Kingpin.

♦ All the Acronyms (AtA): Apparently Reformed and Calvinist people use more acronyms than the rest of us.

♦ Slightly (or not so slightly) altered scriptures: “The Lord’s Prayer, revised for Moral Therapeutic Deism.”

♦ Finally, “People living in one of the most gay-friendly areas of Sydney have received an epistle from Jesus, and not in a good way… And just to compound the misery, Jesus makes some basic spelling errors, first ordering Sydney’s mayor to ‘humbler herself, left I unleash my fury’, and then threatening to ‘brake your pride’. Heaven apparently has no spellcheck.” 

Getting the gang back together for one more concert.


Subway and bus advertising is probably more common in the U.S. for events like this, but more rare in Toronto where this event, with Creflo Dollar and others, happened last weekend.


John Crist and Beth Pilgreen imagine what its like to take a date to church for the first time.





  1. Another list, another Patheos link in support of Andy Stanley. Par for the course I guess.

    Comment by Clark Bunch — October 10, 2018 @ 7:42 pm

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