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September 24, 2018

When Your Devices are Ratting You Out

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Because I bought the car used, I don’t know if it’s enabled, but my car has the capacity to send information to my insurance company as to things such whether I’m driving over a certain speed, or whether or I’m wearing my seat-belt once the car is in gear, and for all I know, whether I come to a complete stop at stop signs.

My wife mentioned the other day that the other day on her laptop there was a Google logo and below it simply said “Listening…” That’s frightening, isn’t it?

But what if your devices, instead of reporting to a search engine or an insurance company were reporting to your pastor and your church’s board of elders?

Is it an air filter or a listening device? These days, you can never be too sure.

Every time you said a bad word an Alexa/Echo type of device would report it.

Every time your fitness watch indicated a spike in blood pressure that indicated you weren’t experiencing peace and patience, it would report it.

Every time your navigational or location-enabled devices indicated you were going to a bar or the racetrack or the casino, it would report it.

Every time you made an extravagant or frivolous purchase and charged it to your bank account or a credit card, it would report it.

Every time you went to a sketchy website, it would report it. (Actually, if someone in your church leadership is part of your web accountability software, that one already exists.)

And don’t forget the aforementioned driving over the speed limit; that’s breaking the law!  …

…It sounds a bit “big brother-ish” but maybe, as in the web-monitoring example, it might be something that some would choose to do in the interest of accountability.

The point is, our private lives aren’t really private anymore. All this technology is, as one science fiction show once put it, “20 Minutes into the future.”

Or maybe, as AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes more sophisticated, your devices might blackmail you that if you don’t atone in some way which satisfies the device, it will betray your action to your pastor, church board, or even family members.


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