Thinking Out Loud

August 28, 2018

Things Left Better Un-Blogged

As soon as she left, Pastor Matt picked up the phone and called his wife.

“You won’t believe who I had in here just now;” he teased her.

“Who?” she said taking the bait.

“Helena Morjann; and you wouldn’t believe how woefully confused she is about the Bible. She said some things and it was all I could do not to split my sides laughing…” and then he proceeded to tell her one of those in complete detail.

When he was done she was laughing as well she said, “I hope your office door was closed all that time. She obviously isn’t getting much from your sermons;” and then adding, “All I can say is, you totally have to blog that.”

Thinking it over for a few seconds, he replied, “You know I could never do that.”

In the year that he was between churches, Matt did an intensive doctoral program, occasionally blogging on a site he had begun many years ago. When he took his current assignment, most of his blog readers were people from his DMin cohort, as well as several he had met doing his MDiv.

Arriving at the church, the leadership there wanted to post his bio on the church website and after composing a few short paragraphs, they had quickly asked, “Are you on Twitter or Facebook?” and “Do you have a blog?” and without thinking of the long-term consequences he had quickly provided the answers.

Looking back, he wishes he had simply created a new blog for the duration of that position; a decoy blog that would prevent them looking for the real one, and that would allow him more freedom to write about the wild and wacky things that take place in interactions with his new congregation.

The things Helena had said in his office that morning would have totally cracked them up.

I’m not a pastor.

I’m also blessed with a fairly wide readership; a collection of people on several continents, in several time zones, representing the broadest diversity of denominational backgrounds.

Because the blog is faith-focused — I’ve never over the years wandered down the road of sharing much of our personal lives or things the kids did that week — I will often use events and situations which take place locally and have impacted me as fuel for blog posts, especially if they impacted my wife and I directly.

But there are some people locally who read Thinking Out Loud, and because of that, like Pastor Matt, I need to be careful. Many of the items which have appeared with the “Short Stories” graphic (above) are based on things which I needed to partially disguise as are the items in “The Lost Voice Project” collection of stories (which I would have loved to have seen develop into a book).

Today is one of those days.

There’s a topic I’m dying to get into today, but it strikes too close to home for some of those local readers. I need to table it for a few months and then find a way to introduce it, perhaps using a fictional story, or waiting until something similar breaks onto the Christian news scene, and then use it as a springboard to express some thoughts.

As someone once said, “Hurtin’ feelings is dumb.” I don’t want to scratch wounds, especially at a time of vulnerability.

So as much as I hope you enjoyed today’s story about Pastor Matt, the real blog post for today will have to wait.

Maybe I should consider this the decoy blog and launch another one. I could call it, “Dumb things churches do.”

We’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. Oh the stories we could tell… :)

    Comment by Kevin Rogers — August 28, 2018 @ 12:19 pm

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