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July 12, 2018

This Technology is all Broken

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Eric Metaxas plays some rather eclectic music coming in and out of commercial breaks on his radio show. A few years ago I heard him play a short excerpt from a song called Ballad of a Teenage Queen by Dickey Lee. Last night I decided I wanted to hear it again, but all YouTube would give me was the Johnny Cash version.

30 different videos, all by Johnny Cash.

Knowing it wouldn’t work I typed in the title again, followed by NOT BY JOHNNY CASH.

Ironically, a few years ago, there was a way of doing that. It consisted of using the minus “-” sign before the thing you did not want in your church results. As in “…teenage queen -Johnny -Cash”.

Google took that functionality away on all their platforms. 

As I was writing this, I had to divert away for a minute to look something up on Christian Book Distributors website.

CBD will only let you type the first three letters of a title or author and then it tries to autofill, completely blocking all subsequent letters you try to type.  It’s fun to keep typing anyway, and watch the screen jump up and down and left to write. You’re not supposed to play this game, and I’d like to thing that some where in their head office near Boston something is sparking on their mainframe. It serves them right.

To get results, you have to manually put the cursor back in the search field and then, as if by magic, it allows you to type the title or author in a second time. 

After all that, it turned out this 2018 book was published by Crossway, which immediately ended my interest in reading it. I have my standards.

The day before, I spent five minutes driving home yelling at my 2014 Ford.

I was trying to call my wife, while driving to someone’s home to pick up a package and the car could not accept my voice commands. After five attempts, with me screaming at it, it said, “Ask me, ‘What can I say?'”

Indeed, what can I say?

The voice commands only work if you completely shut down the air conditioning system and turn off the fan. And it was a hot day and I simply didn’t want to do that. Totally. Useless. Technology.

I don’t know where the microphone is which picks up the voice commands, but it’s clearly in the wrong spot. I sort of knew this, but figured if I yelled loud enough it would work.

Not even close.

What can I say?  

It’s a very short song and it actually tells a story. Enjoy listening.


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