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June 5, 2018

A Whole Other Solution to Evangelists Needing Jet Airplanes

♫ Gimme a ticket for an airplane
Ain’t got time to take a fast train… ♫

The other day my wife said something that was so outside the box that I felt I needed to share it here, even though there will be a lineup to poke holes in her logic.

Basically, she was saying that if an evangelist on the east coast is trying to figure out how to get to an appearance on the west coast, perhaps, instead of accepting that engagement, they should have checked around to see if there is a west coast evangelist who is equally capable.

Makes sense to me.

Why not have an East Coast branch and a West Coach branch? One takes the gigs on one side of the Mississippi and other takes the gigs on the other.

Why not have people you’re mentoring in ministry all the time? Billy Graham did this for decades. They had an entire stable of “Associate Evangelists” such as Leighton Ford, and John Wesley White.

Why not revisit the whole star system; the whole celebrity mentality?

…Well, there are reasons.

It doesn’t build empires.

It doesn’t sell as many books.

It doesn’t look good on fundraising letters to say that Reverend Bob only preached a few dates last month that were all within a six-hour drive of his mansion. (Last word in that sentence is also a whole other article.)

…But these guys are all being too self-important. As if the Holy Spirit can only work through them.

That’s just not the case. There are a lot of very gifted people out there. People capable of putting together a series of meetings and preaching the requisite sermons.

If the capital ‘C’ Church in the local area chooses to, they can lend their support to these individuals, invite their friends, and pack larger venues with those whose hearts God has already been preparing. (Last seven words in that sentence chosen to be both Calvinist- and Arminian-friendly.)

Many of these gifted individuals also have one especially gratifying characteristic: They don’t mind flying commercial.

On Saturday, our friends at Internet Monk uncovered this rather pathetic piece of video.

Jesse Duplantis made news this week when he asked his followers to pony up 54 million for a new jet. Of course, he already has a jet, silly… “but I can’t go it one stop. And if I can do it one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper, because I have my own fuel farm. And that’s what’s been a blessing of the Lord.” Besides, he’s just being Christlike:  “If the Lord Jesus Christ was physically on the earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey. He’d be in an airplane flying all over the world.”

Duplantis’ fellow-evangelist Kenneth Copeland recently upgraded to a new jet as well. If you have five minutes and a VERY strong stomach, you can see the two men defend their aquisition of these jets:

Three years ago this very month, it wasn’t Jesse Duplantis, but Creflo Dollar who was asking God (through you) to supply $65,000,000.00 for a new Gulfstream G-650 jet. Adam Ford (who you remember from The Bayblon Bee) commented via this extended infographic-type-thing; click this link to see it all:




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