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May 25, 2018

VBS For Adults

I would love to have been a fly on the boardroom wall at Group Publishing the first time someone said, “Why don’t we do VBS for adults?” It was one of those seminal moments in church history like the invention of numbered offering envelopes, or disposable communion cups, or “accepting Jesus as your personal savior.”

If you already have multiple VBS brands in a competitive and saturated market, you’re bound to look for new ways to ‘enlarge your territory’ and if you’re good at creating events occurring on multiple days with a variety of leadership and working from various ‘stations,’ the Fall Retreat, Winter Retreat, Spring Retreat or Summer Retreat is a church tradition apparently crying out for curriculum.

Enter “Cozy Mountain Lodge” a Winter-themed retreat in a box for women.

Cozy Mountain Lodge is a Bible-based women’s retreat program designed to help women grow in their relationship with God and develop lasting friendships with each other. Using the story of Ruth and Naomi from the book of Ruth, this retreat brings home the meaning and significance of making God our foundation.

Whisk women away to a virtual cozy mountain lodge where they’ll enjoy digging into God’s Word, uplifting worship, a time for Christian service, and wonderful relationship-building activities inviting them to participate and experience God’s story.


  • a Bible study
  • an opportunity to sing songs
  • a craft project
  • small group discussion

If this ain’t VBS, I don’t know what is!

And all things considered, the launch price for the Starter Kit — oops! That’s a VBS term — the Women’s Ministry Retreat Director’s Kit is a bargain, especially when compared with similar packages from LifeWay. Plus there are 7 sessions! That’s going to be one busy weekend.

Prefer something more Summer-y? There’s Sea Side Escape (see below).

What I found not-so-upfront in the advertising was details as to the spiritual theme of each event, if there is one. (The retreats deal with Ruth and Naomi and Sarah and Hagar respectively, but no idea where the focus lies.) Equally not easily discovered is who wrote the curriculum, or whether the “media pack” includes some DVD teaching or if your own church’s leadership is required to teach through an outline.

What I did see is this fulfilling a need. Most Women’s Ministry leaders would prefer to use something tested or proven than to simply book time at a Christian camp or conference center and rent a bus and then scrambling to figure out what they’re going to do when they get there. Better to leave it to the pros.

But hurry, because like VBS Kits, these retreats have an expiry date after which presumably there will be new ones to replace them.

Group Publishing did not solicit this article nor were they aware of it prior to publication. Neither did I receive a “Sand Dollar Scripture Pendant” from Sea Side Escape.



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