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May 16, 2018

Wednesday Connect

Welcome to Wednesday Connect 010. Grab your coffee and sit back and we’ll see what happened since we met last week. First, what got clicked last week? We try to keep you posted by posting the list weekly at Twitter. Also, our opening graphics today originated with our friends at The Master’s Table and their weekly feature, Happy Monday.

► First Get Religion quotes Religion News Service: “The gold standard for church leaders – the Master of Divinity – is losing some of its luster to its humbler cousin, the two-year Master of Arts… The reasons for the decline in the Cadillac degree, required by most mainline denominations as well as the Catholic Church for anyone wanting to serve as pastor or associate pastor, are many and multifaceted. One is the growth of seminaries affiliated with evangelical and Pentecostal denominations. These religious groups don’t typically require the Master of Divinity for men and women who want to be ordained.”
…Then the piece goes on to add, “Actually, a lot of Pentecostal/charismatic groups don’t require any theological degree for a lot of their pastors. Case in point: Bill Johnson, pastor of the popular Bethel Church in Redding, Calif. doesn’t have such a degree…” Excellent excerpts from the original article and analysis by Julia Duin.

► Church leaders who wouldn’t be caught dead “proof texting” a passage of scripture seem to have no problem doing the same with Andy Stanley’s sermons. Relevant Magazine gave him a platform to defend against his accusers (though nothing beats listening to the whole Aftermath series, as we did.)

► Preachers: Beware the ‘data dump.’ “The pursuit of a deep messages that are deeply edifying, can unintentionally lead to the dreaded ‘data dump.’ By now, every expositor has been warned of the ‘data dump’ sermon, and most congregants have been on the receiving end of an exegetical unloading. It is a sermon brimming with details about the context of a passage… saturated with observations about the verses… and drowning in cross-references related to the text … It is essentially a verbal commentary. The preacher has simply filled his notes with a collection of information he has gleaned throughout the week with little effort to make any connections between the text and God’s people.  

► A consequence of the #MeToo Movement: Some of you know Anne Marie Miller, formerly Anne Jackson, who wrote Permission to Speak Freely and Mad Church Disease. “One of the stories I’ve shared through my years in writing and speaking was of my sexual abuse when I was sixteen. The man who abused me was a 25-year-old youth pastor. I learned on March 20, 2018, that this man was not appropriately reported to law enforcement by the organization who investigated him internally (in 2007) and found him to have abused me. This man was also given a chance to resign instead of being terminated. Within days of me learning he was not reported, I reported him to both CPS and law enforcement. I have been working with them over the last six weeks as they conduct this man’s criminal investigation… This amount of “re-hashing” what happened has caused the trauma to resurface in my life, hitting my mental health very hard. In the last few months, I have been extremely anxious, depressed, and at times, wishing I was not alive.” Anne is asking for help on GoFundMe to raise $28,000 in treatment and counseling costs.

► A big announcement happening on Episode #300 of The Phil Vischer Podcast! But why does it say “Farewell?” And what is the Holy Post? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

► “A podcast about the craft of sermon preparation.” This time around, John Mark Comer share his philosophy of preaching and ministry at Sermonsmith. (57 minutes; if you don’t have that to spare this week, check out his personal study process at about 32:00 to about 37:00.)

► Important reading: “Though my husband and I have enjoyed a faithful marriage of nearly 39 years, the sexual sins of our church leaders have been like a series of boulders being catapulted into our lives at regular intervals… I’ve wondered if my husband and I were sending off some kind of beacon that drew these troubles to us like moths as though we were lamps on a summer night. I don’t wonder anymore.” While unable to provide a quick-fix, the Michele Van Loon offers her thoughts on what to do in the aftermath of improprieties and transgressions.

► An America Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop will preach at the Royal Wedding on the weekend.

The Blue Parakeet, a classic by Scot McKnight gets a second edition: “There are whole new sections, and this much-revised edition is nearly 100 pages longer than the original. New sections on reading the Bible as narrative, new material on slavery in the Bible, on science and faith, on the gospel … and more!  …Ah, yes, and the long section on women in ministry has been a highlight.”

Roger Olson reviews a 2017 book by Roger Olson in which he would argue that the Bible contains more than just theology; it contains an entire worldview.

► Catholic mothers trying to keep the kids Catholic: “Many of the good Catholic mothers I have talked to are just as bewildered. They did everything in their power to raise children in their faith only to see them adopt other religions or reject God altogether. Some say they were defeated by a culture that increasingly values the material over the spiritual, or they point to the rigidity of doctrine, failures of individual priests, sexual abuse scandals, boring services and bad music. Many blame themselves, although they struggle to say where exactly they went wrong.” As I said on Twitter on Monday, this article has implications for Evangelicals as well. I especially appreciated the part about kids seeing the male parent engaged in faith. Great in-depth writing at American Magazine.

► With all the focus on Israel and Jerusalem this week — a reminder of the prophetic significance of both — is this a bad time to mention that you missed the rapture?

► It’s been six months since a gunman killed more than two dozen people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Now, construction is beginning on a new 250-seat facility

► I love the title: Preschool Pneumatology. “We aren’t doing kids any favours by dumbing down theology to a point of meaninglessness. And, just in case you are wondering if kids need to really understand the nature of the Triune God, I would say a resounding yes, and here is why: we believe God is love. Love is communal – it is something experienced between persons. God in his very being is love, and we know God is communal his mysterious and wonderful 3-in-1 way. To take away from that reality and attempt to ‘simplify it’ is to remove something so significant to the character of God.”

► Internal link: As the song grows in popularity, here’s our own look at the song Reckless Love, posted in December.

► A different type of church planting: “Founded in 1996, Crossroads has always built on its business background. Only a small fraction of staff members have seminary training, because the church seeks diverse staff to fill roles that go beyond preaching, music, youth, and children’s ministry. While in-house graphic design and branding are nothing new for megachurches, Crossroads has a team that functions like an ad agency—stocked with designers, copywriters, project managers, public relations managers, and social media strategists…
“…At least 38 groups meet together for Crossroads Anywhere in far-flung cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Houston. The church spends over $100,000 a month to keep the app’s digital infrastructure running…In January, the newest Crossroads campus opened in one of the outlying Cincinnati regions where the staff had seen growing interest—and 8,000 people showed up the first weekend.”

► A comedian-turned-preacher offers pastors six things they can learn from the world of comedy.

► “The release of three Americans held prisoner in North Korea is being hailed as a sign of increased goodwill heading into next month’s U.S.-North Korea summit, but a leading group assisting persecuted Christians is imploring the Trump administration to make human rights and religious freedom an important part of the conversation as well.” World Net Daily asks, “What about Christians in North Korean labor camps?”

► Endorsed: Oprah’s website offered a Top 15 books list from the last 30 years of titles dealing with 15 life issues. #11 was from Moody Press, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

► In the UK, a voice from an unexpected source, “Transsexual people have spoken out against Government plans to make it easier to change sex. In a letter to The Guardian, seventeen transsexuals who have undergone full sex reassignment surgery said they were ‘deeply concerned’ about removing safeguards from the Gender Recognition Act.”

► …but liberal ideology is alive and well in this video for kids.

► A horror story out of Columbia. The Newsweek headline: “Nuns Tortured 60 Children by Burning Their Skin, Shoving Faces in Toilets.” The home was described as “a hell house by neighbors and local media.

► A mainstream publication reviews last month’s Lynchburg Revival organized by Shane Claiborne (and others) who noted just days before the rally when he was served with a notice of trespass from Liberty University, “I’ve been arrested plenty of times in direct actions and protests and such, I’ve been banned from places, but I’ve never been banned from a church.”

► After a brief shutdown, the Twitter account Unvirtuous Abbey is back in business.

► And then there was this text, an un-credited paraphrase of 1 Cor. 1:
“I follow John Piper.
I follow John MacArthur.
I follow R.C. Sproul.
But is Christ divided? Was Piper crucified for you? Were you baptized in the name of R.C. Sproul? When we say these things are we not behaving merely in a human way?”
…It’s actually a report on potential divisions in the Young, Restless and Reformed (YRR) movement from someone who attended Together for the Gospel (T4G). 

► Friendly Atheist aka Hemant Mehta wasn’t terribly impressed by this explanation of disease by Pat Robertson. “All of this is nonsense. Some diseases come back for the simple reason that our bodies remain susceptible to them. Even certain vaccines require booster shots, right?”

► Canada’s Glass Ceiling: For the first time, a woman will become an Archbishop in the Anglican Church of Canada. Melissa Skelton will hold the highest position representing the province of British Columbia and Yukon Territory. “Skelton was raised by civil rights advocates in the Southern United States before moving to Canada and has a background in business, working in brand management for Proctor and Gamble…”

► Stephen Worthey was a senior in a freshman English class. By his own admission, not a smart person. Tormented by questions, he asked God for wisdom (James 1:5) and shares his testimony on what will become a new YouTube channel, Standardized Apologetics.  (8 minutes)

► Did a home motion-sensitive security camera capture an image of an angel in Michigan or was it a moth?

► For last weekend’s Mother’s Day in a number of countries, “Say it With a Kiss” by Amy Grant. ♫

New worship artist Anna Petrillo’s song “Joyful” releases in June. ♫

► If you like music with lyrics that repeat and repeat and repeat — inducing a trance-like state as evidenced in the video — a song from the Dallas, Texas worship and prayer ministry Upper Room, “This is How I Fight My Battles” and “Surrounded.”



  1. FBC Sutherland Springs begins rebuilding. In other news, Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death for the 2015 killing of eight church members in South Carolina.

    Comment by Clark Bunch — May 16, 2018 @ 1:00 pm

  2. I have no idea how you do this review plus a daily blog post! Inspires me to more study. Thank you. Particularly appreciated the response to Pat Robertson’s comment.

    Comment by Barbie Van Allen — May 18, 2018 @ 9:42 am

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