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May 6, 2017

Weekend Cat

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We’re cat-sitting for 48 hours, which normally would be like heaven to me, a dedicated cat person, were it not for the gallons of water rushing into the basement as I type this. The cat is not the one in the picture who apparently is smart enough to take a selfie of itself with some dogs.

Returning to having a cat in the house after many years without one is educational. Similar to those recent grandparents who after years of not having children in the home must suddenly remember basic parenting skills. There are probably many spiritual analogies here, but I hesitate, much like the pastor who realizes that to do a cat illustration is to possibly alienate half of their dog-preferring congregation.

Clearly, you cannot force a cat to do anything. It has to be their decision. They may eventually do what you are suggesting but has to be on their terms. It has to be their idea. Even though the spot on the couch you’re trying to coax it to is nice and comfortable, they remain on the floor ignoring your beckoning. It’s rather like — oh, yes; I said I wouldn’t do the analogy…

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And of course, there’s always Alltop.

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