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April 8, 2017

When April Showers Come Your Way

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For years I’ve watched American network news and witnessed the increasing number of weather based stories. Flooding in The South and Midwest are common, but also occasionally on the west coast. I’ve always been thankful that I’ve lived in a part of the world where the roads and freeways are articulated in such a way that they don’t flood, and that homes are built to withstand the toughest winters.

Especially heartbreaking is to see families returning to damaged homes only to find that everything they’ve held near and dear has been impacted by water damage and that all such furniture, linens, pictures, toys; even sections of wall must be broken up and carried to the street before mold sets in.

And then two Spring seasons back we noticed water coming in our basement.

It was our turn. Our basement floor seems to be disintegrating.

This year it was particularly bad. Yesterday my wife filled and emptied the wet vac over 100 times. I had to work and wasn’t home to help her.

The water was never more than a couple of inches (4 cm) deep, and it was not as bad as the woman who told me of opening the door to the basement only to find the cat sitting on the top step of the stairs, as the water was up about five feet.

Complicating matters is that the basement is filled with a lifetime of files and memorabilia belonging to myself. Some of these are clearly trash, but as I go through them it’s hard not to get stuck reliving memories, or worse thinking about accomplishments for which I really have no other proof that they happened…

…In western society, a house is the most valuable asset people own. To realize its vulnerabilities is simply heartbreaking. We need to actually patch the cracks in the concrete this year and think about landscaping the front of the house to draw the water away from where it’s saturating. Neither of us are terribly skilled in these areas, but I suppose we’ll learn by doing.



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