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April 1, 2017

Evangelicals to Introduce Mormon Underwear Equivalent

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Not wanting to be outdone by their LDS counterparts, representatives of various groups of Evangelicals converged this week in Denver to discuss introducing an equivalent type of temple garment, worn under street clothes, which would remind the wearer of the commitment they’ve made in becoming a Christian.

Similar to the Mormon version, denominations would be free to set their own standard as to when someone could take the vestments, with suggestions ranging from post-Baptism at the low end to ordination as the higher standard.

The garments would be manufactured offshore and sold through LifeWay stores.

However, later in the week the talks broke down. As often happens with Evangelicals, the group was unable to reach consensus as to whether the design of the men’s garments should fundamentally reflect the style of boxers or briefs. Debate on the floor was heated, but also online as proponents of each style took to blogs and social media.

By late Friday, as delegates were heading back home, a group calling themselves Progressive Evangelicals had further confused the debate with a third option that called for the garments to more closely resemble thongs.




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  1. …and by Saturday, everyone knew they had been fooled 😄

    Comment by Kaybee — April 1, 2017 @ 7:40 am

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