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February 15, 2017

The Making of the Wednesday Link List

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For the first 30 times the Wednesday List Lynx appeared, I didn't realize that I didn't need to upload the image each time. Exactly 30.

For the first 30 times the Wednesday List Lynx appeared, I didn’t realize that I didn’t need to upload the image each time. Exactly 30.

A friend walked into my workplace and asked if I’d heard the one about the pastor who was caught having an affair and hid naked in the bushes. It was making the rounds in local and national newspapers.

I told him that I actually had heard the story and it had been in the blog’s link list the week before. I guess the story took its time gaining traction.

But then, I suddenly felt this sense of embarrassment. Why had I felt the need to share that story with my readership? Why would anyone want to share that story with anyone else?

Such is the nature of the beast. Using a secret sauce mix of sources, I’m able to pull together a variety of things which reflect the nature of the readership. I’m told we have radio guys who are looking for some quick things to fill the gap between songs. We have pastors and church leaders and seminary professors, many of whom started following during the 22 months the link list appeared at Christianity Today. We have people in KidMin and yMin and every other Min. People looking for the Essay of the Week, and the Video of the Week, and Parenting Place and Leadership Lessons.

Although there are weeks the WLL seems like a giant albatross, most weeks I’m amazed how it comes together; even as I add just one more link at a few minutes to midnight before logging off for the night.

Oh…I do think the nutty pastor stories need to be out there. (I want to say exposed but it doesn’t work well with that particular story.) For good or for bad, these people are part of our extended faith family. I think we kinda need to know what our crazy cousins are up to.

Today, I’m taking a week off for the first time in a long while. I’m sure you’ll find some things online to fill in the gap, or you can go to an August, 2015 post where (if you scroll down a bit) you’ll find a list of aggregators; people who (at the  time) were doing link lists and news roundups like mine.

If the Lord wills and I am able; we’ll be back at this time next week.

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