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January 26, 2017

Bases of Agreement

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Disagreement HierarchyToday we’re thinking about the plural of the word basis and areas where while we might disagree on some hot button issues, there are core values we share. For example:

Social/political issues

  • You may be pro-abortion or anti-abortion but we can all agree on preventing unwanted pregnancies.
  • You can be part of the gun lobby or against the gun lobby but we can all agree on seeing an end to mass violence.
  • You can be in favor of bringing in refugees from war torn countries or you can be opposed to it but we can all agree on helping people in peril and praying for peace.
  • You can be for the death penalty or against the death penalty but we can agree on wanting to see fewer charged with capital crimes.
  • You can be for LGBT rights or opposed to gay rights but we can all agree on loving our neighbors.

Theological issues

  • You can be charismatic or cessationist but we can all agree that something supernatural happened in Acts 2.
  • You can believe in eternal security or not believe in it but we can all endeavor to live up to standards which will please a holy God.
  • You can support women in ministry or be opposed to women in church leadership but can agree that God has given each of us unique gifts for service.
  • You can affirm predestination or believe in free will but we can agree there needs to be a time at which people respond to God.
  • You can be pre-tribulation rapture, post-tribulation rapture, or no rapture at all, but we can all agree a day is coming that will usher us into a new era.

DisagreementThat’s a bit of a rough sketch of something I would like to have spent more time developing. If you have better suggestions, or feel part of it could be reworked, let me know.

I think you get the idea: Look for the basis of agreement; find the place where you and your opponent have common ground, because if you work your way back, it’s there.

While looking for a graphic image to add to today’s post, I remembered a couple we had used before and started reading the articles where we had used them. You might want check out:


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