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December 19, 2016

When Illegal Substances Suddenly Become Legal

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Here and there on the Internet you will encounter articles dealing with a Christian approach to marijuana legalization. If you happen to be among Christians who drink alcohol and have no problem with it, the discussion centers on whether or not it is appropriate for the Christ-follower to make moderate use of pot now that it is legal in several U.S. states and about to become decriminalized in all Canadian provinces. Is there any difference between using alcohol or using pot if both are legal?

For me, this is a no-brainer. Smoking — which is the inhalation of… wait for it… smoke — just doesn’t make any sense to me no matter what the substance.

But to say that is to have simply not followed the way the legalization has been trending. Pot you see is now a baking ingredient. It turns up in various forms, including some you might not be expecting. It helps to ask for an ingredients list, even if it’s just the neighbors having you over for a visit. You never know.

pot-luck-dinner-3So this morning after church the discussion in one little corner of the lobby centered on whether or not it might be good to be the very first church in our community to offer marijuana-laced cookies for the after-service coffee time. Especially if you advertised that fact to the broader community.

This could be the ultimate church growth ingredient. People from around town would come, share our worship time, contribute to the morning offering, hear the preaching, be confronted with an invitation to follow Jesus, all for the opportunity which awaits after the benediction. Church growth is important, yes?

It gives a whole new meaning to the term pot-luck lunch.

(I waited six paragraphs to say that.)

And now, c/o our friends at is your recipe for Cream of Cannabis Soup just in time for the coming Church social season:


(I think they sampled some of the product before typesetting the ingredients list.)


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  1. This is one of those debates that requires people to go back through history to recognize the roles that various drugs have played in past societies. People don’t realize that Sherlock Holmes, albeit a fictional character, used opiates in shaddy places but it wasn’t illegal back then and that as why Sir Arthur used it as a literary device. His readers could relate. That being said, a fact based approach to the effects of the various forms of Mary Jane, cannibus, wacky weed, pot, etc… will be needed in order to understand what role, if any, yummy cookies and otjer feel good bakery items should play in reaching folks with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nice post.

    Comment by Keith A. Wadley — December 19, 2016 @ 12:30 pm

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