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September 25, 2016

The Devil of a Thrift Shop

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In Canada we have a chain of used clothing stores with many locations as large as the biggest grocery store you’ve ever shopped in. They’re a “high end” thrift shop, where things aren’t as cheap as they might be at St. Vincent de Paul, or Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

While the primary market for these stores is people on a budget, having worked at camp I know that when we needed costumes for skits or special theme days, we would always head into town and find the nearest charity shop for things we could either use as-is, or alter.

Another costume occasion is Halloween, and years ago these stores decided that if they’re in the costume business anyway, why not exploit that to the hilt? And so they started carrying new merchandise such as masks, hats, props, make-up, black light bulbs and of course costumes.

But this year I realized they are taking this to the extreme. Some type of zombie greeted us audibly as we entered; as demonic a voice as you can imagine. The staff were all attired in costume. The theme from Ghostbusters played on the speakers. A door sign reminded us that there were only 37 days left to get ready.

I read this to my wife and said, “I need some help with the final paragraph.”

“What do you want to say?” she asked.

“It’s a blog post, and I need to be offended about all this;” was my answer.

She wasted no time, “Then I think you need to decide why you are offended.”

…And there it was. I’m a Christian. I know I’m supposed to angry that so much of this store is presently devoted to things supernatural, grotesque, ghoulish, and outright demonic.

But part of me figures it will all be over in another 37 days…

…On the other hand, Christmas is 3 months today.



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