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June 29, 2016

Wednesday Link List

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Welcome to #314. If I’d named these consistently in the early years, I think we’d be well over 450 by now. I’m not sure, but I think the above image comes from an anon Twitter account; check out Lloyd Legalist

…Lots of Bible and parenting links this week…

Very tiny Wednesday List Lynx

Very tiny Wednesday List Lynx, but a very big list.

…As they say on Christian radio, if each one reading this clicks only six links, we can end this pledge drive a day early.

  • Church and Technology: Some churches have an online presence, but they’re not really present online.
  • Interview of the Week: A look at the relationship between form and content in our modern Bibles. Sample: “The danger of a cross reference system is that it becomes a kind of an out-of-context, distraction system that tells us this is serious study of the Bible when actually it can easily become a superficial kind of study of the Bible, unless I stop to do the due diligence making sure every reference that I am looking up is read in its own context, which, of course, is a time commitment.” IVP author Glenn Paauw on Bible clutter.
  • Essay of the Week: Perhaps related to the above, four modern ‘versions’ of the Bible that the author feels are destroying the Bible reading experience.
  • And sticking to our theme, a pastor explains why he’s returning to using a physical copy of the Bible.
  • A British education inspection agency appears to be backing away from a plan to expand its coverage to inspecting Sunday Schools, possibly because of the cost involve in training inspectors in the nuances of each religion
  • …but required attendance at chapel services or worship assemblies is still under the microscope.
  • Provocative Title of the Week: Christians Can No Longer Be Pharmacists. (But it might be prophetic.) 
  • Is America still the Christian nation it once was? Possibly the answer is yes, but non-Christians are more visible; more vocal.
  • Potential liabilities in homeschooling: The kids often have a limited anatomical knowledge or awareness of the facts of human reproduction.
  • With a local connection to the Windy City suburb of Hinsdale, Chicago Magazine unravels the story of — and lawsuit surrounding — Bill Gothard.
  • The church in Latin America provides a backdrop for seeing the nuanced differences between a heresy and a cult.
  • Apologetics apologetic: 5 reasons to learn how to defend your faith
  • …Related:
    6 reasons to reject miracle claims; and
    18 historical reasons to infer the miracle of the resurrection.
  • It’s a sad irony that regions of the U.S. which pride themselves on tolerance are actually the most intolerant of Christianity
  • Quotation of the Week: “The child… is a ‘viper in a diaper.'” More fully, “The image of the child as viper is intended to invoke the Calvinist doctrine of total depravity in relation to children. It is meant to transform the way we think about children’s so-called ‘innocence’ or ‘purity’ and consequently transform the way we think about raising and disciplining children.” A review of the teachings of Voddie Baucham.
  • The Trinity is useless. Yes. The article really says that. Scot McKnight looks at both viewpoints in a 2014 Zondervan book on the trinity. “The engrained idea is that the Eastern church fathers (Cappadocians) had a ‘good’ perspective on the Trinity because they began with a plurality of persons (Father, Son, Spirit) and only then attempted to think the unity of God.  But the Western church fathers (see Augustine, the supposed father of all modern theological ills) began with the unity of God’s being and then only thought about the plurality of persons at the end.” And then it gets more interesting.
  • Parenting Place (1): With our penchant for status updates involving our children, there’s a sense in which today every kid is a preacher’s kid.
  • Parenting Place (2): When a teen messes up “we immediately assume that the his parents must have failed him in some way. His parents must not have brought enough discipline into his life. His parents must not have prayed for him enough, read him the Bible enough, sent him to VBS enough. If his parents had done the right thing, the child wouldn’t be plunging headlong into sin.”
  • Parenting Place (3): In light of Orland, some little league coaches could use some editing when it comes to encouraging the girls to get a hit.
  • Know the warning signs: 12 indicators your church may be in trouble.
  • Perhaps it’s the writer in me, but I never tire of stories about Garrison Keillor, who claims the radio thing was a “42-year detour” in his journey. He says that this week he’s passing the torch
  • …Here’s an article by Keillor which I also bookmarked for this week. Living efficiently because life is short.
  • Roger Olson suspends writing at Patheos: “I have said all I have to say and am simply repeating myself or saying things that do not need to be said.”
  • Senior Master Sgt. Oscar Rodrigue, a 33-year military veteran was forcibly removed from a retirement ceremony because the commanding officer of the squadron,”did not want Mr. Rodriguez to participate as a speaker because, historically, Mr. Rodriguez’s flag-folding speeches make reference to ‘God.’” (Well, we can’t have that sort of thing, can we?)
  • Things I Didn’t Know: A former Mormon addresses LDS teaching that Christ’s atonement for sins occurred not on the cross, but in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • Hashtag of the Week: #IfTrumpWereEvangelical.
  • Not a positive book review: Warren Throckmorton looks at the latest from Eric Metaxas.
  • Better Book Review: RNS interview with David Dark on Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious.
  • Where the Treasure is Buried: A free download of 135 sample pages of the new NIV Lifehacks Bible
  • …Even better, 229 sample pages (including all of Genesis and Matthew) of the new NIV Cultural Backgrounds Bible.
  • Canada Corner: Christian broadcasting giant Crossroads Christian Communications has announced Context TV’s Lorna Dueck will replace John Hull as CEO. Not stated is whether she will keep her Context office in the CBC headquarters in Toronto. See also this announcement. Lorna is a former host of Crossroads’ 100 Huntley Street program from 1994 to 2002.
  • Related: A blogger gushes about all of Tim Challies’ accomplishments, but then criticizes TC’s rejection of dispensationalism. But buried in the introduction was this invective: “I have rarely met a Canadian pastor who has the necessary hermeneutical, exegetical and theological training to adequately sort through matters of theological systems.” Yikes! He just trashed them all!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded: The 90 day tithing test of God’s faithfulness is up at Perry Noble’s Church. “About 440 Christians joined NewSpring’s most recent challenge. Of the more than 7,000 participants over the past four years, fewer than 20—that’s a fraction of 1 percent—have asked for their money back.”
  • Though two of the six men charged still face their day in court, four men were found not guilty on criminal charges after disrupting a Joel Osteen church service.
  • Christian music duo Leeland is now part of the Bethel Worship family, and is releasing its first album in five years
  • …and Housefires, the band that brought us the song “Good Good Father” is releasing their third album on August 12th.
  • So has anyone out there in link land watched Greenleaf?
  • Finally, we really hate it when you’re enjoying the concert, when unexpectedly, someone comes out to do a talk.


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