Thinking Out Loud

June 22, 2016

Wednesday Link List

Trump w Falwell Jr

Well, today’s magic word is “crop” which means what should have happened to this photo before it got circulated. But no, Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell, Jr. went ahead carelessly with this photo of himself next to Donald Trump who is standing nearby a Playboy magazine cover. (I’ve highlighted it in case you miss it.) Warren Throckmorton said, “One might think this was an Onion story…” No, sadly it was true. Skye Jethani noted, “Republicans and evangelical leaders don’t realize they’re losing an entire generation permanently by backing Trump;” adding, “We’re watching the realignment of political loyalties before our eyes. It’s an opportunity for Christians to rethink faith/politics.”

How about we clear our heads with some youth ministry nostalgia:

Paul Mickelson Album Cover

Apparently the organ music has a shrinking effect on the teens, not unlike Raquel Welch et al in the 1966 movie The Fantastic Voyage. Yes, this album is on the Word label, the same people who now bring you For King & Country, Francesca Battistelli, Big Daddy Weave, Point of Grace and Natalie Grant.

Welcome to Wednesday Link List #313. Fasten your seat belts.

Dated book covers

Elaine Moore’s book covers look rather dated don’t you think? Do a Google search and you’ll also find other gems by her published by Troll such as, Beware The Haunted Toilet, Substitute Teacher from Mars, and There’s a Mastodon in My Living Room. But there’s something eerily prophetic about the two we’ve chosen to show here, right? Maybe not. Maybe this equally dates the books. Increasingly, in light of today’s gender issues and bathroom wars, what’s pictured is probably becoming routine.


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