Thinking Out Loud

June 15, 2016

Wednesday Link List

Praying for Hearing

The Force Church

Door Knockers Please Note

Do not pet the list lynx.

Do not pet the list lynx.

Isaac the Intern was supposed to write the introduction this week, but spent the time hanging out behind the office petting the list lynx.

Larry the Cucumber Identity Crisis

So Glad I Grew Up



  1. I looked at our church website on my phone and thought “It’s mobile friendly enough.” Everything was small but turning the screen on it’s side, like one does to take pics or watch videos, made everything visible. It failed the Google test, though, citing that the text was too small and the links were too close together. Turns out all I had to in WordPress was click “yes” on the enable mobile view option. now looks better on my phone and passes the Google test!

    Comment by Clark Bunch — June 15, 2016 @ 10:08 am

  2. The Trump comment was interesting… He sounds like he’s dancing around Jesus as some kind of “figure” to simply “look up to,” but not a crucified, risen Saviour to believe and trust in fully! Like most who like Jesus for different trivial reasons, He simply states that Jesus is “brave and courageous,” so we can be too! Very bad way to view Christ in light of all He’s done and every prophecy given about Him in the Old Testament…

    Comment by lukegoddard64 — June 15, 2016 @ 11:45 pm

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