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February 18, 2016

War Zone vs. Highway Carnage

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Now it’s Syria. Next month, I fear to say, it may be somewhere else.

We see the video on the evening news of areas blown apart by war and it’s easy to feel grateful that we don’t live there.

free_snow_signBut I wonder what they see.

I’ve done some weather related blog posts before — everybody talks about it, right? — so I don’t want to repeat myself, but I wonder what people in the Middle East would think if they saw the highway carnage on the U.S. Interstate Highway System that also plays out on those same supper hour newscasts here.

On Monday, which was the Presidents Day holiday, over 2,000 separate accidents were reported, many involving loss of life. It’s easy to sit back and armchair quarterback the whole thing; “Why didn’t they just wait and leave the next morning?”

But on that day we found ourselves having to drive in similar conditions without an option of postponing our travel. The roads were sheer ice. Averaging about 5 mph, I still managed to trigger the anti-lock braking system with just the slightest touch of the brakes. We saw the horrific after effects of cars in the ditch and facing the wrong way.

Do those scenes ever play on television there?

What if a family in the Midwest or a family on the East Coast decided they wanted to be refugees? Refugees from freezing rain. Refugees from tornadoes. Refugees from hurricanes. Refugees from mudslides. Refugees from record snowfalls.

What if a line started forming and heading toward the equator? People seeking to escape the weather with the same earnest as those fleeing war zones on the other side of the earth? Again, I ask the question, “Were people really meant to live here?”

That question always leads me to another. Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote:

To those who constantly ask, “Is America in Bible prophecy,” the answer might have more to do with the country being diminished by weather catastrophe than by some major loss of economic influence.

But take that question, “Is America in Bible Prophecy” and Google it sometime. The results can be rather disturbing. Two years ago we looked at four possible answers.

So I’m waiting to see the first American family seek refugee status somewhere else. Not because of election year politics. Not because of abortion. Not because of gun control.

But because of the weather.

And no; those shots of a truck rollover on the I-95 probably don’t play out on the evening news in Syria, because they’ve got a real war going on there. However, the pictures have some similarities, and some days, our lives are not entirely different.



  1. Interesting perspectivizing there Paul. There’s always another side to a coin, and you always make it interesting.

    Comment by Flagrant Regard — February 18, 2016 @ 7:37 am

  2. This has already happened; Katrina, Sandy, and Andrew, just to name a few, all storms that resulted in the migration of people.
    Californians are migrating for water, people from Flint will likely be migrating…if they can.
    These are what came top of mind, no research, so I am sure there are many, many, other examples. We are not exempt from being refugees.

    Comment by MJ — February 18, 2016 @ 10:17 am

  3. I don’t believe that people moving from one town to another because of inclement weather or forest fires can be compared to Biblical migration. These are just things that happen when you put stakes down in an earthquake zone, along a river that floods or when a city built below sea level, New Orleans, floods because the $$$ meant for the Army of Civil Engineers to boost the strength of the dikes before Katrina is used for corrupt purposes. While there is no completely safe place to live in North America, we certainly have a goodly knowledge of where fires, quakes, floods and tornadoes can occur and are able to plan our living situations accordingly. If you live up north it gets cold and freezing; if you live down south you get hit by hurricane-driven coconuts and eaten by crocodiles. You take your chances where ever you live.

    Comment by Janis — February 18, 2016 @ 10:06 pm

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