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December 5, 2015

More from the Twitterverse

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TOL banner 2You liked the last one so much that we’re back with another edition. If you’re looking for me on Twitter, spell the last name with the number 1 instead of the letter i.

You’re not deep,
You’re not a genius,
You’re not an artist,
You’re not a critic,
You’re not a poet,
You just have internet access. 

– Church Life Coach

Bible knowledge is not the same as Bible wisdom.

Just learned about a phone thing that is impenetrable to hacking.

Something called “land line.”

Church Curmudgeon: “The realistic novel as an art form will be dead in six years, as every third sentence will have to be, ‘He glanced at his phone.'”

Lynne Hybels [reflecting on Willow Creek 40th Anniversary] – “…people wondered if anything good could come from a bunch of kids with drums on stage and singing from an overhead projector.”

Jim Bakker’s 1st foray into television featured excess, money, sex.
Jim Bakker’s 2nd life on TV consists of: fear, scaremongering, and hawking goods.

Why not just teach the Bible?

Canada, October 19th: To my mostly U.S. blog readers and Twitter followers: That noise you’re hearing is a massive political shift taking place in Canada tonight.

Donald Miller: “Our children will rebel against us by reading long-form literature and using land lines to communicate.”

Never quite understood why the LGBT_ _ _ _ thing never includes an S for Straight. Not an option?

It’s Gr8 2 B Str8.

Bible Students Say: “[Greg Boyd’s] time could have been better spent saying he has no idea about the book of Revelation, just like everyone else.”

Existential Comics:

Biggest mysteries:
1. Why is there something rather than nothing.
2. How does knowledge relate to reality.
3. Why do cats do what they do.

Today, many so-called “luxury” homes have no backyards. The assumption is all recreation/entertainment time is spent indoors. (On screens?)

Andy Bannister:

“Without the Word we blow up.
Without the Spirit we dry up.
But with the Word and the Spirit we grow up”

Francis Chan: “You don’t want to leave a legacy of: ‘He played it safe, he survived, he made it through.'”

Shaine Claiborne [quoting an African proverb] – “Until lions have their own historians, the tales of hunt will always glorify the hunters.”

Michael Newnham: “Amazing to me how bloggers are always the bad guys…until the mainstream media decides to tell the same story…”

Eugene Peterson: “The vocation of pastor has been replaced by the strategies of religious entrepreneurs with business plans.”

Kids want guitar lessons?

The future seems to belong to the kids who can play guitar AND keyboard AND bass AND drums. (And a video editor.)

Nathan White: “The best pastor in America is probably some guy we’ve never heard of with no book deals and a church of like 50 people.”

If your church website has an “Our History” page, guess what? People don’t care. They want info about current programs, opportunities.

Karen Zacharias: “Folks who brag that with a concealed weapon they’d stop a gunman within minutes, are the same folks who can’t find their cell phone given 10 minutes to look for it.”

Richard Foster: “The pressing question today is not, ‘Is there a God?’ but, ‘What kind of God is there?'”

Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature is most effective, but brick & mortar stores and publishers haven’t caught on that all customers want this info.

Lisa Harper:

Believing Jesus means you’re willing to risk everything you are
and everything you have
for everything He taught
and everything He did.


…and that’s just part of what fell out of my brain this fall; there are more pictures and links at @PaulW1lk1nson and you don’t have to be “on” Twitter to drop by.


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