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October 12, 2015

Working on the Sabbath

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The Christian Sabbath
Working for what is sometimes called a “commercial ministry,” we’ve learned that Sunday is a day of rest, and some people don’t appreciate it when you do anything that even remotely resembles conducting business on The Lord’s Day.

Occasionally, people walk up to me in church and want to discuss the availability of the latest book or CD, and I have to tell them politely, “I’m here to worship, but if you write me a note on a piece of paper, I’ll remember to look at it Monday morning.”

There are also times when I get business emails on Sunday afternoon. Knowing that some of these people might be miffed if they don’t get an answer quickly, I often answer these, but also with the notation that I’m out of the office, and they should call on Monday for more assistance.

So…why we are discussing this?

It was impressed upon me yesterday how many people in ministry are working on Sunday, particularly those who are working social media.

The Tweets and Facebook posts from some people are equally prolific on Sunday as they are the other days. I realize you can program things to post to social media every 2 or 3 or 4 hours, but I would want to give it a Sabbath rest. But there they are trumpeting their book release or trying to get people to subscribe to their website. (I do Tweet on the first day of the week, but I have nothing to sell.)

I realized this even more acutely at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning, when posting an announcement to a Facebook page — we only post community notices on Sunday, and usually only after noon, but we were going to be away — I realized something the day before hadn’t been sent to a very small, specific mailing list. So I copied, pasted and hit ‘send,’ and then realized, ‘It’s Sunday. What are they going to think? And what was I thinking?’

I guess it’s an easy trap to fall into.




  1. Busy now, but will post this on Sunday for everyone. Er, hold the phone … I am missing something aren’t I?

    Comment by flagrantregard — October 13, 2015 @ 3:44 pm

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Recently, this subject of resting on Sundays has been heavily placed on my mind. Like many, I have children, work fulltime,working to become self-employed and just started a blog. Ive been wrestling with the fact that I need to dedicate more of my time to God,nuturing that relatioship. It still amazes me when God places something on our heart, that with the power of prayer we are lead to answers.

    Earlier I googled different types of bloggers ending with Christian Bloggers, scanned through a few than I happened to find this post. It may seem small to some, but he truly does work in mysterious ways.

    Comment by LaTrina M — October 13, 2015 @ 3:49 pm

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