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October 10, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians

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To all my Canadian readers, many of whom are devastated by yesterday’s baseball loss: Happy Thanksgiving! (The day itself, is Monday.) In my part of the world, it doesn’t really look like the pictures below, but we can pretend.

fall scene


Fall Colors

Dispensationalist Dilemma Department

Speaking of pretending, here’s an article we ran a few years ago…

Holy Spirit Falls on Strange Fire Conference

John MacArthur FBThe following report is unconfirmed.

Minutes before the end of John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference, with attendees all together in the convention hall, suddenly there was a sound like the rush of a giant wind, which filled the entire auditorium where they were seated. People reported seeing flashes of fire that subdivided and landed on each person. Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit, and began speaking in other languages as the Spirit empowered them.

Conference delegates included people from other nations who were baffled by the sound of their mother tongues being spoken. Amazed, they asked, ‘Aren’t all these people Americans? How then are we hearing them in the national languages of our countries?’ Confused, they started saying, ‘What the heck is going on?’

Some, however said perhaps after three days of this, some of them had a few drinks during the Friday supper break.

Then John MacArthur stood up and went to the microphone and addressed the crowd.

“Well,” he said; “This is ironic.”

Thinking Out Loud is looking for readers who can corroborate this story.


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  1. Well, Paul, it sounds like an item for the Snopes Trial to me. ;) This August, 2015 link shows MacArthur’s heels are dug in to his position, prompting men in black to show up to help set him right.

    Comment by Bruce Allen — October 10, 2015 @ 9:06 am

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