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September 8, 2015

Spending Quality Time as a Family

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CandlemakingChances are that when the kids come home from the first day of school, there are many stories about new teachers, new classrooms and new subjects; but within days, the novelty has passed, and the kids walk in, drop their stuff, grab their snack and then are connected to a video game of some type until supper.

Screen time has replaced family time, and time in general is something that some kids have way too much of. We’ve written about this in reference to teens in particular. At the beginning of this summer, I also wrote about one alternative, board games; mentioning Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Rummikub and the one we wrapped up the summer with, Bohnanza.

But we also did something really different last week, candle making. We bought some beeswax sheets at a gift store which came with instructions and wicks. The results are shown in the picture. It was cheap, it was fun, and we did it together. (Plus we’re all set for the next power outage.)

…The picture itself, is indicative of what my next hobby should be. I was trying to get our ‘good’ camera to take a picture with the background out of focus, but being the impatient type, told someone just to stand behind the candles holding a sheet of newsprint. Classy, huh? Guess I won’t be winning any photography contests anytime soon.

For the record, the yellow candle in the middle was one of mine…Does writing about candle-making make me a mommy blogger?


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