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July 15, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Normally we lead off with a funny picture or cartoon, but after yesterday’s reports on the Iran nuclear negotiations, I want to give the space to the Saeed Abedini story instead. Some of you know I give this story prominent display space from time to time, but truth be told, I’m one of a very small handful of bloggers devoting attention to this story.

Saeed July 14 2015 update from ACLJ

And now, back to our regular programming.

In all the excitement over Pope Francis visiting South America, you might have missed the related video game:

An online game in which Pope Francis careers through the streets of Asuncion in his “popemobile” dodging potholes is delighting Paraguayans fed up with the capital city’s dilapidated streets.

In “Papa Road,” which is popular locally, players navigate the Argentine-born pontiff through the city center against a backdrop of the national Congress and cathedrals. Hit three craters and it is game over, with the pope holding his head in his hands.

From the Church Curmudgeon Twitter feed:

Worship Leader: There will be a potluck at 5 pm
Congregation. The announcements endure forever
Worship Leader: Deacons meeting on Wednesday
Congregation: The announcements endure forever…

Not sure how long this week’s link list will be right now because the wind is really whipping out there and there’s a possibility of power outa/]


  1. […] the spirit of fairness, I confess that I first saw the sign when I received the “Wednesday Link List” for July 15, 2015 from the “Thinking Out Loud” blog of a friend, and in it he […]

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  2. I hope you realize that the article about the gay guy suing Zondervan is from 2008, and it was totally thrown out of the court at the time for being too silly a lawsuit. :) I have to admit, I didn’t when I first read it either.

    I LOVE reading your lists though, Paul!!! Thanks!!!

    Comment by Murray — July 16, 2015 @ 10:48 am

    • Here’s the deal on that one:

      The link list had not even published when Ed Stetzer and others went ballistic about how the blogs report false new stories and spread rumors. I honestly think that he was being just as sensational; his blog post is every bit as much click bait as the stories he mentions. Anyway, I checked at the time and didn’t notice it on my list, so I just assumed I had done it as a Tweet instead, and didn’t bother looking for it to remove it. The list then published on Wednesday.

      I’m leaving the link in however, because I think the version Christian Post had up is instructional, insofar as it points out that Zondervan does not own the translation. The suit would most properly have to be against Biblica (formerly known as International Bible Society) since they own the copyright. Even there, it was the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) that actually wrote it. And they would argue they were just interpreting the source documents.

      Still, it’s interesting that the CP story doesn’t have an update.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — July 16, 2015 @ 11:20 am

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