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June 6, 2015

Duggars: Should Sins Committed in One’s Early Teens Destroy an Adult Life?

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After a rather informal podcast, Phil Vischer raises the issue of the Duggar Family scandal. His take on this may rile some, others of you may resonate with this. Stay with it until 57:07. Do you agree with Phil’s opinion?

The subject matter of this section of the podcast is not appropriate for young ears.

The United States has a very high rate of teenagers who are registered sex offenders because of things they did when they themselves were children. The things they did were wrong and often violated another person. But they are prosecuted under laws intended for adults, and many of them have their lives ruined and their futures destroyed because they have been so labeled.* Does the punishment fit the crime?

*I’ve deliberately opted not to link to the various stories and websites that concern this issue, but some of the stories are heartbreaking. In many cases involving a heterosexual act, the couples today are married, but face a lifetime of stigma essentially for having premarital sex. I know that some will say that I’m taking a liberal position by raising this issue, or that Phil is, but in a country where there are already a disproportionate number of people incarcerated, I think the laws needs to be revisited. (I’m guessing the podcast will get a lot of mail on this one.)


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