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April 28, 2015

When World News Hits a Small Town

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While a national newscast is streaming live on my computer, I often offset the tension of world events with card games from, but this time a familiar name caused me to click back to the newscast.

There she was, a woman who I know well, who has shopped in our Christian bookstore. She was telling a national reporter about her husband, missing in Nepal after the earthquake. I know him as well.

Events half a world a way were impacting our small town.

The man, aged 77, is given to a lot of travel, and he was in Asia visiting friends and encouraging local people in ministry. He left for China on April 1, then went to Bangladesh and arrived in Nepal on April 15. After hearing about the earthquake, the family tried repeatedly to connect.

This story ended well.  He’s living on the street, but he is alive. An answer to the prayers of many here. But we know there are Americans missing or dead at this point, or if you’re reading this from elsewhere, perhaps people from your nation, or, as we see here, even your community.

It seems trite to say that it’s a small world, but to think that international events could impact our little community in this way is, on the one hand, certainly unexpected, and yet on the other hand, not surprising giving the interconnectedness of the modern world.  Right now, as you read this, half a million human beings are in the skies.[source]

Continue to pray for the people of Nepal. If your internet world doesn’t include world news and you didn’t hear about the tragedy there, perhaps it’s time to reconsider awareness of world events, even if they aren’t about someone in your city or town.



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