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December 19, 2014

Photo Phriendly Phriday

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People of a certain age will get this one:

Larry the Cucumber

And while we’re on an album cover theme, we used the full version of this Orange Curriculum poster just a few weeks ago, but when I saw it in a preview window squared off, it looked a bit like an LP or CD cover:

O Lepers Where Are Thou

For readers of Jamie Wright, this is not Knives, but it does seem like something Knives would do:

Feline Nativity

This appeared at Book Shop Talk many years ago, it’s from Norm Fuenti’s comic Retail

Retail 12-23

Speaking of retail frustrations, this is from Not Always Right, a website where people in retail share their stories. Click the image to link.

Not Always Right

Clark Bunch does an image gallery like what we’re doing here every Monday at The Master’s Table. Click the item below to link to this week’s:

Effective Church

Finally, I can’t think of a better ending here than a couple of entries from the Englewood Review of Books’ Worst Christian Book Covers of 2014, along with the captions; clicking the first one links you to all 15 ‘winners’:

Lancast Amish Fires of AutumnWhen hipster chicks turn Amish

A Change of Heart

Uh, yeah… I might have a change of heart too,

if my girl was pooping red balloons!
AND while she’s trying to kiss me!!!!

On the other hand, at least somewhere between their semi-finals in September and the final list in December, they managed to lose this one:

Dream Symbols

…which is just as well, because that list also included this last one, so scary you’ll have to click here to view. (May cause seizures.)


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