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October 28, 2014

The Westboro Saga Continues

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Religion News Service posted an interesting story and video last week. As many of you know the Westboro Baptist Church property sits just 50 feet away from another home in the suburban neighborhood that mounted a counter-protest by painting the siding in the rainbow colors of gay rights.

I decided to check out the divide first hand on Google Street View and captured this:

Westboro Baptist and its Neighbor - from Google Street View

Two things surprised me. The first was how sedate and suburban the street is. The second was how unimposing the Westboro building is, given their worldwide infamy. (Was the word ‘God’ in the banner blurred out by Google, or was that just a camera thing?)

The video includes a visit to WBC’s protest sign library; they are prepared for all contingencies. This movement is not going away anytime soon, as some thought it might with the passing of Fred Phelps, Sr.

The other interesting moment for me was a quotation from one of their neighbors from the house by a member of the group Planting Peace, “…the perfect opportunity to promote freedom of speech, and also again to show the obvious juxtaposition: Where there’s hate, there’s love.”

Yes. Except the hate adjective here belongs to self-styled “Christians.” In a public relations contest, the gay-rights people would win all the votes of an unbiased audience.

I decided not to embed the video which features drag queen Gabby Godiva, but you can send RNS reporter Sally Morrow some click-love by watching the video and reading the story at source.

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  1. While I might not agree with Westboro, they should have the right to free speech.

    Comment by The Seeking Disciple — October 30, 2014 @ 11:43 pm

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