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June 19, 2014


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Another one of those days where I simply re-post some of my great wisdom from Twitter.

  • Maybe instead of saying “Amen” in church we should just say “Like!” (Amen was just an early prototype.)
  • Everything you always wanted to know about sexuality and gender in the 21st Century but were afraid to ask on a Christian podcast. (Episode 106) (Plus Phil’s brother’s take on the Trinity Western University Law School.)
  • Re-tweeted  Blessed to be a part of an amazing ministry bringing The Word of God to the world (They are producing some rather awesome items for Canadian distribution, see below.)

Gideons Canada Biblezines and Gospels

  • Quoted Pete Wilson from a Sunday video special they ran for Father’s Day: “Our kids are experience rich, but relationship poor…They follow a million celebrities on Twitter, but don’t know how to talk to a friend”
  • Re-tweeted a quote from Philip Yancey:”For Chesterton, and also for me, the riddles of God proved more satisfying than the answers provided without God.”
  • Ann B. Davis (Brady Bunch) lived with an Episcopal Bishop and his wife, who found her on the day she died.  DrewMarshall snagged an interview with him on June 7th (Look for the June 7th show and click the listen or download icon.)
  • “The US fought a nearly decade-long war, costing thousands of American lives, and a trillion dollars for this not to happen.” Richard Engle, NBC Nightly News, June 11th.
  • Re-tweeted Greg Boyd: If carrying arms increases our safety, shouldn’t we expect to have the LEAST number of gun related deaths?
  • Re-tweeted Tim Day: “Not sure I want to be a history maker. History seems to focus on rulers & war makers. The humble & gracious seem to slip by unnoticed.” 
  • Re-tweeted Doug Wilson: “In all four gospels, Jesus never met a corpse that stayed that way.”

So that’s just a sample of what you’re missing on Twitter. (And I only post a few things a day, and only follow a handful of people.) So why not join the party? You don’t even have to post anything.

Follow me @paulw1lk1nson (the little things where the ‘i’s go are ones; or just click this link.)



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