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April 26, 2014

Faith Movies in Perspective

I’d never heard of the website Grantland until Sarah Pulliam-Bailey mentioned it yesterday, but there’s some great stats on the faith-based films from the past few years. The article is titled, God’s Not Dead (He’s Playing Now in Movie Theaters). There’s a chart showing some of the current movies in perspective alongside their ‘secular’ counterparts, a chart showing how some of the religious reels fared on opening weekend,

Opening Week Gross Movies Classified as Christian

and a chart showing the total domestic gross for each of those pictures you’ll have to click through to see.

The article is long and raises some good questions:

…But that’s not the entire story. Because there’s the less-glamorous, more uncomfortable side of the story. The how and the why. How are these movies doing well? And why now? It’s near impossible to dive into these questions with a number set, a brief synopsis, a cast list, or even a handful of trailers. Beginning to scratch that surface involves actually seeing these films. Seeing all of them. On the same day. You know, on Easter Sunday.

Which is exactly what Grantland writer Rembert Browne did. Reviews of the four films follow, with the subjectivity that can only be achieved by watching them all at once!

And there’s more to come. On May 9th, Mom’s Night Out opens, and on Wednesday night, we got to attend the first preview showing in Canada. I’ll have more to say about that film in a few days.


  1. The thing I don’t get in this review piece is that he essentially takes God Is Not Dead to task for setting up a strawman to knock down and then being preachy about it. Well…yeah…so what? How is this different from dozens of liberal message films that come out every year? Find any movie about the environment…same thing. Find any movie about politics…same thing. Find any movie with a message produced by Hollywood ever…pretty much the same thing. This person is not a believer…so his reaction is understandable I guess….and there is a conversation to be had about how this type of movie sounds to a nonbeliever…I just don’t understand the criticism. His problem is essentially that he doesn’t like a preachy movie about stuff he doesn’t already agree with. I am not sure how that is relevant in a review.

    Comment by chris — April 26, 2014 @ 1:39 pm

    • I guess that’s why included “subjectivity” in my set-up for this. The primary takeaway for me was the stats! I think he represents many of the people who will stumble into these faith-based films but aren’t part of “the tribe.” So his reaction needs to be heard.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — April 26, 2014 @ 1:51 pm

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