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December 31, 2013

Missions Reality

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missionsSo the guest speaker on Sunday* was wrapping up his message on missions and announced he was going to divide the congregation into groups. The church seating is laid out in four sections.

He had the first half of the first section — i.e. one-eighth of the whole group of us — hold up their wallets, purses or some money to represent the givers, the people who support world missions financially.

The people at the back of that section — another one-eighth — folded their hands to represent the people who support missions with intercessory prayer.

The people at the front of the next section were told to pull out a pen to represent people who write letters or provide general encouragement to missions personnel.

The next eighth of us were told to turn to their neighbors and shake their hands to represent the fellowship aspect of world missions. (I’m a little less clear on this one, but think that overall, I was doing a good job of paying attention.)

I was sitting in the other half of the auditorium.

Then the speaker turned to my entire section — front and back, both remaining sections, an entire half of the congregation — and told us to fold our hands to our chests, turn our back to the others and say out loud, “We don’t care.”


That sure makes a point.

Normally we think of the givers and the pray-ers, but as his illustration unfolded, I did wonder what he was going to do with the large number of us still not part of this. I can’t speak for other parts of the world, but I know in North America it’s true that largely we just don’t care all that much about world missions.

* Steve Ford from the Ontario district of The Christian & Missionary Alliance


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