Thinking Out Loud

December 7, 2013

Show Me The Manger

I thought we’d take a break from yesterday’s busy day here at Thinking Out Loud. It’s been a couple of years since this first appeared here. My wife Ruth is a naturally gifted songwriter and singer. Her best writing is often centered on Christ’s birth (Christmas) and death (The Cross).  I hope you enjoy her song.


Show me the manger
Show me where life begins again
Show me the manger
Show me where hope and peace come breaking in
Show me the shelter and the family and the faces and the dawn
Of untidy love that’s forever, forever from now on
Once I’ve seen the manger
How could I ever turn away?

Show me the angels
Show me a hint of what Heaven can do
Show me the star now
Show me a flash of forever shining through
Show me the beauty and the glory and the music and the flame
Show me the power of the promise and the power of the Name
Once I’ve seen the glory
How could I ever turn away?

Show me the baby
Though I don’t begin to understand
How such an ordinary baby
Could be God becoming man
Could he be born to live to die to live again?
To be the life, be the way, be the truth, be the plan
Once I’ve seen the baby
How could I ever turn away?

Show me the manger, show me the family,
Show me the angels, show me the star now
But once I’ve seen the Savior,
I will never turn away.


  1. I love the line “Once I’ve seen the manger, how could I ever turn away”. Your wife has a beautiful gift!

    Comment by yokedwithhim — December 8, 2013 @ 12:46 am

  2. Most excellent in absolutely every respect! Should be professionally recorded at some point you guys! :-)

    Comment by Flagrant Regard — December 8, 2013 @ 4:14 pm

  3. Beautiful. I was searching for “Away in a Manger”, the song and history behind it. It has been a favorite Christmas hymn of mine since I was a little girl, and it just doesn’t get played very much anymore. I really want my almost 18 year old son to hear it and love it like I do. Your wife’s song reminds me why “Away in a Manger” so strongly touchesh my heart and soul. I know it will help my son to understand why the hymn is so important to me, as welll. I can’t wait to share it with him. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    Comment by Lynn Varner — December 9, 2013 @ 6:02 am

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