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May 25, 2013

Week in Review

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Americans have reached a point where it seems inevitable that their evening network newscast is going to contain a weather story. The overall tenor of the reporting seemed to be inclined to telegraph that this week’s tornado in Moore, OK wasn’t the end of natural disasters by any means; this type of intense storm with catastrophic damage is the new normal. As the week ended, parts of the northeast, especially in mountainous areas, experienced snow to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.

As we mentioned in the link list on Wednesday, the name “Crystal Cathedral,” officially speaking, is no more. We knew that the church itself was being renamed Christ Cathedral, but learned this week that the congregation it once belonged to, now moving to the former St. Callistus Church, will operate under the banner Shepherd’s Grove. Like the weather story above, this one would seem to be nearing toward a conclusion, but like the soap opera it is, there seem to be new installments around every corner. Hopefully, this is a new beginning for what has been a long, sad story over the past five years.

I decided to give the new Anne Heche comedy Save Me at least ten minutes this week, and ended up staying for an hour watching both episodes. Anne plays a woman who has a near death experience, and then is able to receive messages directly from God. This is hardly family fare. While the lead character’s husband is having an affair and her daughter is in a “neighbors with benefits” relationship with the boy next door, both of those story lines were inching toward something redemptive, though are still rather edgy for an 8:00 PM time slot. Church people were as realistic as we can expect from television. On the other hand, Anne’s character seems able to invoke lightning strikes somewhat at will, something not covered in most books about the gift of prophecy; neither can you walk into most churches and simply wander upfront and sing with the worship team. At least the early episodes weren’t an outright mockery of Christianity. For the record, co-executive producer Mark Driscoll is not the same Mark Driscoll known to readers of this page.

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