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December 20, 2012

Thursday Link List

Thursday List Lynx

Thursday List Lynx

Because it’s more interesting than the story about trying to replace a headlight on our car.

  • Vitamin Zach had this really unique music video on his blog yesterday with the group Kings Kaleidoscope using a tune you might recognize. Check out All Glory Be To Christ. Refreshing!
  • I have some friends who were talking about the whole idea of rethinking the annual choir cantata at their church, when suddenly I came upon this story, Killing the Christmas Pageant.
  • In 1854, a young Charles Spurgeon preached his Christmas Eve sermon on Isaiah 7:14-15; the wonder of the ages, God with us — a 4-minute video somewhat reminiscent of “That’s My King.”
  • C. Michael Patton offers his fellow Calvinists some advice on how not to respond to tragic events, including trying to overly theologize (it’s a word now) the moment.
  • Having done new year trend predictions myself, I’m always interested when someone suggests what 2013 will look like in The Church.
  • Did a Christian radio host predict his own death? Frank Pastore succumbed to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.
  • “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.” If that lyric fragment matches up to a tune in your brain, you’ll want to know that singer Frankie Valens is now a church pastor.
  • You can’t have prayer in school, but you can have yoga. As parents protest, what is at stake is the definition of religion.
  • For the kid who has everything, Eric Metaxas now has a website selling his Uncle Mugsy series. Yes, Uncle Mugsy, a confirmed bachelor — bachelor bulldog that is.
  • Who’s up and coming? Brad Lomenick’s Young Influencers list for December is now online.
  • It’s not new, but I’ll leave you with a modern worship song that was running through my mind all day yesterday: Great Are You by Downhere.



    Hmm. My neighbour 4 doors down is the co-author of the children’s learning to read series, “Mr. Mugs” that was popular in the 70’s. Don’t know if she’s going to like this! Uncle Mugsy? Mr. Mugs? Both dogs? Conscience, what should I do? …. ahhhh, leave it. “Hee-hoo kicks up the mud loses his ground”.

    Anyone think differently?

    Comment by Compos Mentis — December 20, 2012 @ 7:24 am

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