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June 24, 2012

When Our Words and Our Words Contradict

Bruxy Cavey is the teaching pastor at The Meeting House, Canada’s largest multi-site church centered on a location in Oakville, just west of Toronto. The Meeting House has developed an affinity with Woodland Hills Community Church in Minneapolis, where Greg Boyd is the pastor, and there have been a couple of pulpit exchanges recently, including this one, where Bruxy was at Woodland Hills completing a two-part series that Greg started on the Anabaptist tradition that has influenced both churches.

In the Q&A time there was a question about church and state and the homosexual marriage issue. The question is on the video at the WH website, but the answer posted here was from a different service, and I found this audio transcript (there’s no video) more direct. Basically, Bruxy is saying that as Christ-followers, we bring a general response that leaves gay people feeling excluded from the church, but when the cameras are rolling, the sound bite on the evening news is an affirmation of God’s love for all mankind.

The disconnect between the sound bite and everything else we say is something Bruxy believes we have, at the very least, got backwards.

Sermons: Bruxy Cavey, The Meeting House, Oakville, Canada
Sermons: Greg Boyd, Woodland Hills

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  1. I understand what you are trying to say with regards to showing God’s love to everyone, including homosexuals. Certainly those outside the church should be given latitude since they are not followers of Christ anyways. Only when they are born again can they break free from the sin that holds them.
    However, based on 1 Corinthians 5, I don’t think we have this kind of latitude with those that are professing the name of Christ. It is quite clear from this passage that homosexual behavior is not to be tolerated. I say this carefully because it is one thing to be bound by a sin and another to fight for your “sexual rights” because you think its right etc.. I would say the latter should not be tolerated at all by the church and kindly be shown the door, whereas the former needs deliverance and help from their brothers and sisters.

    Just so you don’t think I’m “homophobic”, this attitude of the church applies to the greedy, idolators, drunkards and other sexually immoral behavior as well according to scripture. So it’s not just the “queer” we are talking about, although that always is the focus it seems, its for those “straight” people that lust and view pornography etc… that this applies to as well. As the Church, we need to accept and agree with God that homosexuality is a sin like other sexual sins and not try to hide that because its going to offend people. As a Pastor, you know full well that not all will receive this salvation and there be few that find it. In reality whether we accept it or not, the Church is an exclusive club. We cannot be presumptuous and be inclusive in order to please men. The challenge is to preach this message of exclusivity while at the same time drawing people to Christ. Christ followers are unique and we must be willing to part company when those that profess Christ agree with fundamentally clear and unrighteous behavior (I’m not talking about being legalistic issues like wine drinking, beards and other things like that).

    The gospel message is not about acceptance but about transformation. God already accepts us as we are because we all came to Him scarred and in need of His transforming power that’s in Jesus Christ. If there is no transformation in us to what God declares as righteous, then I would sadly say we have yet another feel good social program that does nothing for its followers or the Kingdom of God.



    Comment by Naz — October 1, 2013 @ 1:34 pm

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