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January 17, 2012

Make Us Courageous

Today Courageous, the fourth movie from Sherwood Pictures — the media ministry of the little church that could — makes it appearance in retail stores.  Because you get to eat cake when you work in a cake store, we got to watch a copy on Saturday night. Here are some observations.

First, the boys (17 and 20) sat through the entire thing. That’s major at our house. For two hours computers beckoned, but were left unanswered. I’d give the movie a 10 out of 10 on that basis alone.

Second, this is a Christian movie that played in mainstream theaters, but everyone knew upfront it was a Christian movie. I mean, the Sherwood logo has a cross in it; so that’s a dead giveaway. (No pun intended; but there’s an interesting song lyric idea there.) So, I don’t think anyone was fooled or tricked or deceived into hearing a bit of a Christian message. The film’s message was about the role of men in families, but the gospel was tastefully embedded. And the phrase, ‘Christian film’  no longer means ‘cheesy.’

Third, those Sherwood people are getting better and better at this. Sometimes the lighting was a little harsh, or the pacing is a little slow; but the overall audio was less sterile (some of the early pictures were crying out for Foley background sound), the camera angles were realistic and the casting and characters were more believable. 

Fourth, even though this is the fourth time around (following Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Fireproof) the closing credits are still moving when you think that this is the product of one local church. Everyone gets a credit at the end. Even the people who babysat the kids of cast and crew.

Fifth, even though this film didn’t start with the letter F — see list above — it could have been called ‘Fatherhood’ because it’s about the family (which also starts with F) unit which was God’s best plan from the beginning. In one scene it’s pointed out that if guys had strong role modelling, actively involved fathers in their lives, many of the policemen in our cities and towns wouldn’t need to be on the streets. And when you combine that with the effect of alcohol, which also accounts for so many police calls, and is referenced tangentially in the plot, it means that so much crime and misdemeanor is so preventable.

So…if you missed the run at the local movieplex, buy a copy; or better yet, buy two and give one away.

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  1. Baptist Men’s Day is coming up, and our church is showing Courageous on Sunday in lieu of the evening service.

    Comment by Clark Bunch — January 19, 2012 @ 6:49 am

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