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November 22, 2011

A New Code/Buzzword from a New Calvinist

Of course, he could be an old Calvinist as well, but I’m allowed my own code and here, “New Calvinist” might be translated “militant Calvinist.” 

I’m referring to Adrian Warnock, who in a blog post based on a piece at Church Relevance, notes that the top three churches in a particular list are “real friends of the gospel.”   Yes, he actually said that.  They are real friends of the gospel which means:

  • The others are not real (or true) friends of the gospel
  • Anyone individual or group not part of the YRR (Young, Restless & Reformed) crowd are simply not friends of the gospel

Where does this end?

  • The others don’t like the gospel
  • The others don’t preach the true gospel
  • The others are heretics
  • The others hate the gospel

Yikes; that last one was hard to type, but are we really that far away from a schism of that nature? That’s where this rhetoric is taking us. Words matter. What we say counts.


Three real friends of the gospel.  Seven that are not real friends of the gospel.  Is there any way to put some positive spin on this horrible description? I’d be open to hear it.

Footnote: The blog in question limits comments to Twitter and Facebook; and I am not, for good reason, part of either.  So Warnock was contacted directly for a response at 11:02 PM on Sunday night, and at this writing, had not replied.  It should be added that for all I know, this sort of language is employed more frequently by other New Calvinists; I don’t spend a lot of time reading their material.

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