Thinking Out Loud

June 1, 2011

Wednesday Link List

A few days back I ran a Friday Link List with two items I felt were worth a closer look.  Over the course of the weekend, at least 600 people (out of a much larger group of visitors) went directly to the homepage or the link list, but the number of people who actually clicked the two links was unbelievably small.

So I’m really reconsidering all this.  Much work goes into the weekly link list, and I enjoy doing it.  I highly respect the bloggers who in some cases, as I mentioned last week, do this every day.  I’m not saying link posts are non-productive, they just may not fit the particular group who have chosen to follow this particular pied piper.  So we’ll continue for awhile, just not as many links as before.

  • Contest winners:  Congrats to Amy, Byron and Cynthia; winners in our Not a Fan book giveaway from Zondervan.  An e-mail has been sent to you to collect addresses.
  • Church Life department:  David Foster has uncovered the American church’s dirty little secret, and it’s not what you might guess.
  • More Church Life department:  In a world where many are starting to think differently, Bryan Lopez offers 12 reasons why church membership matters, lifted from a forthcoming Crossway book by Jonathan Leeman.
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls deparment:  Ya gotta give Rob Bell credit for getting everyone talking.  Dan Kimball analyzes the discussion itself with a piece at Outreach Magazine.
  • Same Subject department:  Derek Oullette gives an advance peek at Brian JonesHell is Real but I Hate to Admit It, publishing in July from David C. Cook.
  • Op Ed department:  John Shore reacted to Francis Chan’s response to Love Wins because he’d rather promote being “safe from hell” than worry too much about what hell is and isn’t.
  • Hypothetically Speaking department:  If you could read just one book besides the Bible…?  Gregory Koukl of STL picks a few I hadn’t heard of.  (The 2nd author is Luntz not Kurtz…)
  • Roast Preacher department:  Tim Funk at the Myrtle Beach Sun News thinks that Franklin Graham is less like his evangelist father, and more like Jerry Falwell.
  • No Benefits to These Friends department: Dannah Gresh guests at CNN with a look at the conflicting statistics showing while there is more virginity out there, but also more sex;  with dire psychological consequences.
  • Point/Counterpoint department: Matt Schmucker thinks a pastor who is leaving should help the church prepare for the next guy, but ideally and Biblically, Arthur Sido notes that the church should already know the next guy.
  • Too Much Media department:  Brian Kaufman at Shrink The Church sees 5 reasons to cancel cable, and we assume he means satellite, too.
  • New Ventures department:  What is your dream?  That’s the question posed — with sample encouraging answers — at new website
  • Our cartoon is yet another from David Hayward at; where you can purchase a print of any one of the gazillion cartoons there to brighten your own pastor’s office and/or get him/her fired.



  1. Good Morning Paul

    You have mentioned the low number of your readers who click on links before. I am inclined to think that the people who read your blog are cut from a different cloth. I like your thoughts and the fact that you think them Out Loud.I simplified my on line life two years ago.

    Comment by Cynthia — June 1, 2011 @ 8:22 am

    • It’s interesting how much energy is spent in Christian endeavor communicating to people who aren’t there. Like the small church pastor who preaches as though there are hundreds in the audience, or the Christian bookstore that sets up a huge youth music section even though the youth rarely visit.

      Still, your comment presents a bit of a conundrum… you’re saying it’s possible that people like what I write, but don’t want to read what I’m reading. That’s rather frustrating since I’m a huge advocate for reading in general, be it blogs or books.

      The interview with Compassion CEO Wess Stafford was really insightful to me; I suppose I could seek permission to rerun it here in full.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — June 1, 2011 @ 11:16 am

      • What you read manifests itself in what you write, which is why I enjoy your posts. Speaking personally, I have simplified my life over the past year and may very well have been taking advantage of your insights and reviews without doing any “legwork” of my own. I hope you do not feel discouraged by what I wrote before. I value your wit/wisdom and the way you often wrestle through issues.

        Comment by Cynthia — June 1, 2011 @ 8:43 pm

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