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January 6, 2011

Dressing Your Children Appropriately

This first appeared here almost exactly two years ago, was repeated about a year ago, and still applies… abercrombie-girl

Check out this statement:

The clothes that our children wear do not merely cover the nakedness of their flesh; they shape and reflect the contours of our children’s souls. What I encourage my child to wear is a statement not merely of fashion but of theology and axiology—and this link between our theology and our wardrobes is not a recent phenomenon.

Intrigued? Want to read more? If you’ve ever wondered if there is a “theology of clothing,” check out Dr. Timothy Paul Jones Continue reading here. Maybe your choice of shirt or pants today wasn’t entirely spiritually ‘neutral.’




About 50 pictures were rejected before choosing this one. Then there were dozens of others that were never seriously being considered.


  1. Thank you so much for this link. How true it rings for me as I have two daughters, both brought up in modesty and yet, upon leaving home, went two directions.

    One began almost immediately to wear all those clothes I never let her wear and went to all those parties that she had not been allowed to attend.She got pregnant in her second year of college and didn’t even know who the father was!A poker player, who is a daily pot smoker, scooped her up and became the “father” to my first grandchild.My daughter is now 7 days away from giving birth to another baby, this time really his.

    My other daughter (her twin sister) maintained modesty and a life in Christ.She met and married a wonderful young firefighter last August and at Christmas announced that they were expecting their first baby.

    It really is that stark!

    Comment by Cynthia — January 6, 2011 @ 8:37 am

  2. I completely agree with cynthia’s comment. I don’t have any children yet, but I think that we allow young girls too much freedom in what they wear and reveal. We need to start teaching them that conservative is best.

    Comment by Zoobie Pillow — January 9, 2011 @ 10:55 pm

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