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November 20, 2010

Getting Plugged In

Since starting Christianity 201 in April, I find myself on a daily quest to see what devotional material other bloggers are posting online.   Part of this was the discovery of the Australian blogger known simply as Cloudwatcher, who posts “Daily Bread” styled illustrative stories accompanied by bold graphics.    Meeting in the Clouds is a devotional blog that your teens and perhaps even younger children might enjoy; but it offers good truths that the rest of us need, too.

Earlier this week she posted a story that involved a major school fire that took several hundred lives.   The value of the illustration was somewhat striking, but I was surprised I’d not heard the story before, so I did some research, and the report is quite true, though her “a few years ago,” was actually prior to World War II.   Hey, time is all relative, right?

Have you ever thought of writing something devotional?   Christianity 201 is always looking for guest posts.   In the meantime, here’s Cloudwatcher’s post, complete with stolen borrowed graphics!

by Cloudwatcher

Several years ago there was a school fire in Itasca, Texas, which claimed the lives of 263 children.  What a horrifying tragedy!

When a new school was built, it boasted the finest sprinkler system in the world. The citizens of Itasca would never again face another tragedy like that!

Tours were conducted through the new school, showcasing the acclaimed sprinkler system. It brought comfort to parents.

Seven years later, as the school grew, it became necessary to add more rooms to the buildings.  As construction workers made alterations they discovered that the state-of-the-art water sprinklers had never been connected.

That school had the absolute best at their disposal but it was never “hooked up” to the supply.

I must admit that sometimes I am like that.
As a Christian, I have the TOTAL RESOURCES of GOD Himself at my disposal.

  • I have the absolute solution to any problem.
  • I have His power to resist temptation.
  • I have His power to overcome bad habits.
  • I have grace added to abundant grace to enable me to cope with any situation.

But do I “hook up”? Or do I first try to handle things in my own way, in my own strength?  (which will always fail)

I wonder how much would change if we Christians constantly and continually hooked into God‘s available power – if we truly lived as we should, to His glory?

  • Dear God, I have a problem:  it is ME.
  • The more we depend on God, the more dependable we find Him to be.
  • Life’s greatest privilege is to be a co-laborer with God.

Link:  Here’s another recent article from Meeting in the Clouds.

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