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September 29, 2010

Wednesday Link List

Another mid-week pause to look at some reading I did this week.

  • Our upper and lower comic selections this week are some Christian themes found at the daily newspaper comic, Pardon My Planet.  (Click the individual images…)
  • Here’s a controversial youth ministry concept:  Killing off the youth group as a separate entity within the larger church.   Links to video.
  • In the wake of the whole Glenn Beck thing, Parchment and Pen dusts off the classic question, Are Mormons Christians?
  • Even back in Augustine’s day, the church wrestled with the issue of celebrity conversions, and you may be surprised by his conclusion.
  • Here’s a trade review (for bookstore people) of a little 300-word title for kids and parents titled Our Home is Like a Little Church, a local-church publishing project that got picked up for national distribution.
  • If you found late-night TV Bible teacher Gene Scott quirky, you’re gonna see a similarity in these video clips from corporal punishment advocate Mike Pearl.
  • Another HT to Zach at Vitamin Z:  What constitutes “regular” church attendance?   This is a real issue both for families and for church leaders.    Here’s a comment from a pastor at one of Mark Driscoll’s satellite campuses.
  • Speaking of Mr. D., here’s a sometimes heated 12-minute discussion between him, Mark Dever and James MacDonald on the whole wisdom of multi-site churches.
  • Zac Hicks looks at the lack of spiritual warfare themes in modern worship in a piece on Why the Devil Hates “A Mighty Fortress is our God.”
  • Pete Wilson introduces Stephanie, who is willing to step out and share her story in a five-minute video, highlighting how so many of us have a need for approval.
  • On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of RZIM, Ravi Zacharias appoints Rick Pease as the new president of the apologetics ministry organization.   Link opens direct to an mp3 file of their radio broadcast.
  • Yes, as a matter of fact some people have updated Bishop Eddie Long’s Wikipedia page.
  • Was it atheists and agnostics or Evangelicals who scored the highest on the ABC News response to the Pew Forum religious knowledge test?  Watch the video or read the story.

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  1. Re the ‘Celebrity Conversions’ article.

    “Oops”, is all I can say.

    That’s two individuals I know that have recently used ‘Anne Rice’ as fodder for, “Look what Jesus did to this popular person” material, only to have the impact of this shattered in the last while as Anne Rice publicly renounced Christianity (but claims to still dig Jesus).

    Anne didn’t like the church’s (universal and/or R.Catholic) position on homosexuality – that it’s wrong (among her other nit-picks). She happens to have a gay son. So the math is, Gay Son + Biblical Principles re Homosexuality = Conflict of Interest/Personal Incompatibility.

    So let me get this straight, Anne…if your son suddenly stated, “I am now not in favour of homosexuality and will change my ways”, would Ms. Rice come back to the fold and say, “Christianity is okay with me now.”?

    Celebrity conversion head-fake! All too frequent, from what I’ve seen.

    The fact is the Gospel and the principles contained therein will definitely inconvenience you. You will not like being told A,B, or C is now not in God’s plan. But if you’re to give all to Christ, doesn’t this include your personal bias – the sword of truth will oft separate family and friends. Not pleasant.

    Anne could have reacted thus: “Okay God, I am sad that my son is not living a life that you initially intended for a man to live. He’s not acting out the default design. How do I love him right and still maintain your position on things?”

    The rich, the affluent, the celebrities – Camel’s eye, meet needle.

    Don’t be let down when the big people fall. God came for the meek and lowly. The losers.

    I’m at peace stating that “I’m going to be a loser for Jesus”. There…put that on a T-shirt.

    Martin B.

    Comment by Martin & Nancy Barret — September 29, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

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