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July 28, 2010

Wednesday Link List

Quite honestly, I don’t know of another Christian blog that contains as many blogroll links as this one.

There’s a rule in Christian blogging that goes something like, “By their links ye shall know them.”   If you tried to evaluate this blog on that basis you’d be really confused.

Out of about 300 or so that I visit weekly, the ones that are posted here — some regularly and a few that rotate on and off — represent a rather eclectic mix of ages, geographical locations, readership size and doctrinal preferences. (Can you find the Quaker blog in the list?)

Some of them I endorse wholeheartedly, while others contain elements which are a source of potential embarrassment.   If they seem to drift too far from their original focus, I pull them from the list, but there are those who find their way back as well.   Some are dropped because they just don’t post often enough.

One thing I want to do more of in future involves finding blogs which are either just starting out, or have never attracted strong numbers and include them in the blogroll or the Wednesday Link List.   If you have a Christianity-focused blog you’d like to promote; this is a great week to put your link in the comments section.  If you are an e-mail subscriber, here’s the list you don’t usually get to see on the blog.

Regular links return next week.

Oh, Oh, The Places You’ll Go

ADDED THIS WEEK:  Devotional blog 300 Words a Day.

VIDEO LINK OF THE WEEK:  Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque uploaded two months ago by Acts 17 Apologetics.  A rather amazing thesis, worth the 7 minutes.

“… BUT I FEEL SO RIPPED OFF, CAN’T YOU COME UP WITH A SINGLE NEW LINK?”  Okay, but there’s a lot of reading here.   Josh at the blog Enoch Route compares the notion of  “the sinner’s prayer” to a prayer that you pray before becoming a Muslim.


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  1. Hey, in response to you request. I am just starting out blogging and I’d love if you could help send some people my way. I update every morning at 6am.

    Comment by stevebeaulieu — July 28, 2010 @ 6:36 pm

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