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June 6, 2010

Christopher, We’re Proud of You

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I don’t get too personal on this blog, but today is an exception.   This morning our oldest son, Christopher, was baptized.   The picture is a bit grainy — we need a good camera — but he’s the one in the baptismal robe, and the pastor is Rev. Jeff Knott, who I had the honor of working with in the capacity of worship leader for a little over a year, awhile back.

But back to Chris.  We’re really proud of the spiritual maturity he demonstrates — both of my boys actually totally surpass where I was at their age.  He also decided to share his testimony without notes — despite my constant, week-long prodding — and I think people respected his raw transparency, something we value highly in our family.

In a few weeks he leaves us for ten weeks to work at a Christian camp about two hours northeast of where we live.   He’ll be working in the kitchen — the job nobody wants because of the heat — for the second year, and if you add up all his culinary/food-service experience, this will be the seventh thing he can put on a resumé.   He may be majoring in electrical engineering, but the cooking skills he has already would lead to a decent-paying summer job.  Unfortunately, the camp is ill-equipped to pay people, so, like a summer missions student, he has to do the necessary fundraising to cover his own salary.

There’s something about us Wilkinsons that we seem to always choose principle over profit; ministry over money.   Income eludes us.   So I’ll be mentioning that in a few days on this blog.   Meanwhile, if you want to support him in that and want to beat the rush, you can request the necessary paperwork from us at epistle[at] (ymail — as in Yahoo — is not a typo). Canadian donations earn tax receipts, U.S. donors who just want to help out can e-mail us and I can give you another option.

But I’m getting off topic here.   The focus today is that his desire was to follow Jesus in baptism and give public testimony to what God has done — and is continuing to do — in his life.  I was thrilled that we were able to witness that today.  I’m also sure that in that congregation, he has picked up some individuals he may never know who will be remembering him in prayer over the next few days, weeks and months.

I know I have readers for whom baptism was something that was done when you were too small to remember. I don’t want to engage that debate, but the scriptures don’t mention infant baptism, but there are frequent references to believer’s baptism. I think it’s a wonderful thing, yes; but I also see it as a scriptural commandment. If you haven’t been baptized to this point, why not?


  1. Paul, thanks for checking out my site and commenting!
    Another thing we have in common is that our youngest is also heading back to summer camp, for her 4th year helping. This year it is for the full 8 weeks too!
    She also got baptized when on a missions trip to Peru, when she was 14. Unfortunately we weren’t there to witness it, but we believe that she did it!

    Waiting to read your write-up on the Blogapalooza this week!


    Comment by bcsmithereens — June 8, 2010 @ 12:50 am

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