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January 28, 2010

What to Say to a Christian Celebrity

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I was in the restroom washing my hands at MissionFest Toronto last year when Shane Claiborne walked by.   Actually he wasn’t directly in my line of vision, but there was no mistaking the hair.

“You must be Shane Claiborne;” I said, stating the obvious.   I mentioned that we’d heard him in another city a few months previously, but he was quite intent on the purpose that had led him to that restroom and I wasn’t about to literally stand in the way of progress.    This is probably the reason your church doesn’t suggest that particular facility as the place to meet and greet.

Had he just spoken to a group on a topic that engage my thought processes, there would be something he said to respond to eloquently; but he was arriving early for a later seminar and we were leaving, and having been at various seminars where he has spoken, I’m sure our paths might cross again, and this time I’ll be ready to discuss homelessness in Philadelphia or New Jersey or wherever it is that Simple Way operates.

But what do you when you really have absolutely nothing to say, but yet you really want speak to that Christian author, pastor or musician?   You haven’t heard him or her speak somewhere else, haven’t bought the book or CD, and haven’t been to their church or mission?

Fortunately for you, I have the answer:

Hi!  My name is ___________ and we’ve never met or talked before, but I’m basically a rather shallow person whose self-worth is enhanced by being able to say I spoke to someone like you, so if you’ll just say something polite back to me for about seven seconds, then I’ll leave and you can go on to the next person.

Yeah.  That should do it.  Or maybe we should all go back to collecting autographs in Bibles:

Meanwhile… In Today’s News
Acting on a complaint from a parent, a California school district banned the Miriam Webster Dictionary from classrooms, but then, almost as quickly, reversed the ban.


  1. Ha Ha Ha….ouch….

    Yeah that made me think….good stuff.

    Comment by Rick Apperson — January 28, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

  2. actually i’ve always regretted NOT saying something to Larry Norman the one and only occasion i saw him. he came into the restroom before one of his concerts and i couldn’t even tell him how shallow i am just so that i could speak to him for a few seconds. he’s always been one of my all time fave guys to want to spend a little time chatting with.

    Comment by shallowfrozenwater — January 29, 2010 @ 9:42 am

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